Et reverendo in Chrifto Pam , Epifcopo Carholenfi fit Epiicopo Cadiolenli pro tempore exiftenti. Ac perdile Slo Sc perquam fideli Confiliano noiiro Johanei Domino Sacw, Comraiotulataii Hofpini noftri. Nec non dilc Stis Sc fidelibus, Jnfheiann xoflrn ad afpfiat in pnrtibus Borealibus pro tempore exillennbjt. tatem ad omnia Sc Singula Offimfu Sc Malefadla qurcunque , Sed Us, Lues, Cocttora Tias Sc Demaunda, Caui'as, Res Sc Ma- terial quafcunqtic , infra Comitatur nollros E harem , Cembit , Nertbonbne , Wefimerlondie & Epifopatem Drne/mmfem , Civi- tatem Eborum Sc Cotoiutum cnidcm , Civitatem Carhofenfim, Viliam de Kitetjlon fnper Hull Sc Comitatum ejufdcm , Viliam Novi Caflri piper Tmam Sc Comitatum eiuldcm , & Viliam de Barvickt piper Tvxdam Sc Libertates ejufdcm , contingcntia feu quoquomodo etnergentia, etaminindi, audiendi, decidendi, (a- cicndt , exequendi , eipediendi , pcragendi , performandi Sc finali- ter determinandi , que , quoha , qualitcr, ac eildem modo 8c for- ma , prout per Inftrudiioncs in Schedule hiia prcfcntibus annexatas Sc manu noftra lignitis, contenras, ltmicatas Sc appuil Suatas, ial- vis femper Nobis Hcrcdlibus Sc fuccetforibus noftria, Aniercia- meatis , Sc alio de premiflis feu a'iquo premi i Tbrum accidentibua feu quoquomodo cmcrgentibus Sc an Nos fpedfancibus. D'autant que le TVafie dr le Commerce de not Royaumes aver let Pays Etr angers qui fent en amitid avec nous , dr de cts Vays- la dans nos Rayaumt Sy en trover font net Mers Anglcrerrc dr j/’lr Undc dr atllettrs , font fort ddjpdrit , troupes dr de plus en fins interromput , d* que l** e ff eti & le* marcbandifes non feule- rums de not propres Suits , mass encore eeux des aunts Mar - e bands Etr angers , Sufftt das ant ret Princes dr Etats de nos A- mts & Allies , en pa if ant lesdttos Mers , font prrs dr pil Us par le grand sombre de Pirates dr Ecumeurt de Met , qut Jots* aujji bten de nos propres Suje/s mut c T dunes Nat tons , l«s&iom having been at late Year: ». vyhoe being altogenthet carclefsot therr Duties ‘herein , have In nutty places wilfully negteffted the lane , when with a little Ciur- gc, teakuiably bellowed in tyme, they mtpht eaftly pteveeu tbuie Ruynts which afterwards yr. therefore , taking this Manet into his princely Con- ftderartwi , and hooldiiw it a pn'it Dtthonoui to our Chniiun ► Ptcfefrttin, that The confecratcd Hac -S of Gixls Wmflnp and Di- vine Service art no better looked taito , doth bv th» bn Frocla- tlion fltaiglt'dy cltatge and tomtmtind all Archkiihopi,billiop, C'efi ptnrfati f* Mtjefif j ejent fait refiexin , df troovent tjne i eji ate (ramie htnte pour erax it not re profejfiem Cbrdtrennt , i, pot flat it foit Jet Lteax taxfturet oa Sendee Dtvin , err Jtixxe pjr etmaaouia expreffiment per telle Prtc/staetien i taut It i Ar ievtjaei , £vry , Arthtt Saern & antra , s jni el epper- Arcbdescons arid others to whotw tt may appertayne , that they ttrtt ,^a'ilt ejent ienn oprenirt an u M*diftions,ait Hl rwif ^mlqm ibofe fm y nutty He , us ftjfnt enfarte de Ie fatre t(~ V^hcre rhty fed tnjeht am Ufc ro arule t Iic fime to Sc tpee Uily and fmtr prsmtement J** j & de fixer le tern poxr y trsvsd- carefutw amended , and to Svrokt and Ip^xxnt iett Days for the l To our right trully and tight welbelovcd Couneellor Ri- thor J Lord t Veflon our High Trcturerof E upland, and toail others to whotne thefe Prefects fhall come. , , Whereas as well by divers our Commit Tioris or Letters Patents ao *dtrl under our Great Seale of England , as by fundry our Lcttcis un- der our Privie Scale and other Warrants, wee have authonied and required you our Lord Trefiner of England , and our right iruftie and Wefcdqved Counccllor Sir Franco Cettmgt** Knight and ARLES, for la trace dt Din r, opt.

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* De Rejlitnlione Temper atinm pro Ricardo Cor ten Epifcopo )• Oxmicn J! El idcis tibi ptxcipimus quod prxfato Ele£lo Temporalis prx- dset: Epifcopatus Oxouiewfi prxaicli , Cum peninenuu, in Balli- va tuatc Tccptu prxexccptis) una cum exitibus 6c proficuis inde, a die tran flat lonii ulrimi Epifcopi ibidem hucufque provenienta li- tre crcicemia , abfquc aliquo Compoto auc afiquo alto proinde, quoquo modo reddendo, folvcndo vcl facicndo fine dilatione li- ber c, tlvo Jure Cujullibet. Tefte Rege apud fftfli ootnafleriam , ferto die Nevemirii. Ins Majcihcs Servant , to attende his Majcfties Commt Biot KTs as cr poor informer at Commi. Pro Jabanne Mohan, Ret , dccimo-quinto Die Aprtlit , creavit Johtnaem Mohan Pro Thama Smith Milita. fuch Perfons , and in fuch manner , and in fuch places as are he- rein direfted and intended, but that they ufe their uttermoft po- wers and endeavours by all lawful! And our further Will and Commaund is, That not onelyour El non von Ion dr ordonnom de pint , que not fculrment not laid Commiffioners.

n EX , Efcaemri fuo in Comitatu O xenue , 5 alutcm. a X Vacintc nuper fcdc Epjfcopali Oxexieip, per ttanflarionem r. ullimi Epifcupi ibidem ad Epifcopatum Duaetmenfew , Decanal Car. d Capital am Ecclcfix noftrx Catncdtalis Chrifli Oxetuenfii prx- P 5 s - d'cl c , liccntu noftta petita pirircr & obtenta, Dilc Qum Nobis '• in Chtifto K ieardum Corbel , Sacrx Theologix Uoctorcm, in co- rum Epucopum 6c Pattorctn elcgerunt. Regium Aflenflim noftrum adhibu-mus pariccr 6c favorem, Ipfiufquc hdditatem No- bis debitam pro didho Eptfropatu rcccpimus , ac Tcmporalia c- jufdcm Epifcopatfis (exccpris omnibus Manerits, terriv, tenemen- tis St herrduamcmis cum pert-ticnim , prxdullo Epifcopatui du- dum Ipcdhmibus 6c pertinentibus , modo in manus noftras vigote cujufiiam Actus Parliament! e Eltxabetbx nuper An glue Retina defunct x primo, inde e- diri & provili , elev His Sc capru ti qux huju Ticodi line ac in Scac- cario nollro dc Rccordo remanentibus) ci reftiiuirous per prxfen- tcs. Rogames, sc in fide 6c diieibune quibus Nobis tenemini Prse- cipiemea , quod talem Vobis chgatis in Archiepilcopum 6c P*- llotem, qui Deo devours, Nobsique Sc Regno noltro utiiis Sc 6- deus exiim- • In cujus rei, See. brevia dirieuntsn F/caetonbus fub&riptis in fcpcrali- bus Comitati Dus fublcripcia Hub dau prxdifla. gee ■ ttarrftei Sa Majefte * ay ant stem pint a eater erne It himielf, have extended theire Grace to all fuch whutn it might btea dt fi Sayrtt ea gluteal, prtffrani tear repot d raxyauiiu d COncerr-e, upon eahe Compol Uiooa to prevent their osvne Dill- ft* fyopre avoatage , it Ini plait a prefers de rtatuvtlft neon geo , and yet the lame hath been neglefted ; ncvertbeleilc bit arse foil Is memo Commijjion d ptufears dot Sngaears c~ oatre-f /’lair : te haveing nothing more in his Princely Dcnrc than the Membra dt fon Ctafeit, d talres Jaget dr Avocais da Ret , let genet ill Good of his Subjefts, preferring thor Peace and Quiett aalorifaal par la Pr/Jeule d trailer dr * coavtair at non dt Sa before his ownc Bencfict , is nowe eracioufly plealed once more Majrflt , poor vender , ctder dr confirmer i uax dt ftt Sojeit tai to fenewe his faid Commn Tion, to tundrie of the Ixarda and o- y font iniiceflei , taat /eari Titrti 4/frilntax , lean hew dr pejjes- forrs of his Privie Counccll, and others of his Judges and Court- ft* ‘ dans us Fiefs dr 'Fares ft’ its prttradrns occaper a eette heart , call learned, authotizeing them thereby to treatc and coenpoun- ftai ombre dt jaeljan Coneejmas d/fettaeafes, nnllri dr iafatf fan- fig on his Majclties Brhalfe, for the felling, graunttnge and con- s rs, t* par Lailres Fateates dt dfetaveries de ees Psefs Cr Ferret firrmnge to fuch of bis Subieiis wliom it may conccrne , afwcit dent sis psaifetn dr at fiat partmtat ea foffclftn far par nfirpa- • theire defedlive Titles , Llfates and Pollell'ioni in fuch Manners titss ,oa four F avoir prtje Jans tin ftnda , Jans j nctme tmbre de and I -and Cv'iaration of this lata gracious Pleafure , either voluntarily of a* dt tear proprt gr(, oa far let 1 street ju: tear J'ertat adrefftet dt thffntrlvrs , or uppon Letters to be to them directed from hss la port dts Cotamtffa'n rt de Sa Majefb , a ne point manju r de fi JVtijclhes Conimilhonm of the particular Cafes , fade not , at prljeater d lean rifiart devout lefdin Cmrmjfonei , poor ea venir tliesre Pcrills to anemic the laid Com rrmliooc rs for fuch mode- d de t . mtdfr/t fiea trtaverj ;aflet dr Inniiahfs sate and realbnable Gxnpofi cions as fhail be found fin and equall pome etx, &■ Sa Majcdc, afi» deter miens infennie ejnt font eras for them ; And kit Marcfto , the better to be informed whoe fat embrafftnt eette faveas • id teas out to nbghgeat , o icabh dr embraceth h» Royail Grace, and whoe oegteð the lame, eraliiuif Robcf t Typper Ae Gnyes Um,lo* Jermtear,po«rfi troaver hath appometed and commanded Robert Typprr of Grates inn offdataeat oapres des Commifanrt da Roi, lomme it a foil autrefois. de Gallei on Jans cation of this our Proclamation , to make or caufe to be made It Port on la Ville de Barwick , que par let perfonaet dr de la ma- dire&ly or indiredlly any Starch , in any other manner , or in mere qu’il eft or domed id , mail quilt ajent a fane tons leurt efforts any other place or places within this our Realmc of England , dr a employer ton los mojern Ugutmct pour cmpecher fupprnmr Dominion of JValet, or Porte or Towne of Baruatk , then by cet tbofet.

EJtnno Jo Conan Mnlpeve, prenobdiit Ordinis Garteru Mflki. and Watches of the Citty , whereupon much Bloodlhed , and ». fucd and thofc Iniolcncics foe long continued , and at the lalf grewe to fuch height that there was an open and violent Refinan- ce and Oppoikion made againft Our Lord Mahr of London and out Sheriffs of our Citty , aftifted with fome of the Trayned Bandit rvecellariiy drawn forth to fupprds thofc Outrages wntch were committed , rather in a rcbc&ou* than a riocou* manner , Tom. Kehiquier kc tile laid Annuity or yearly penhon of Frvt hmitdrei pemm Jt of re- faid, to the Seas for the apprehcnlion and takeing of the faid Pi- rates, and to doe and execute all things that may tend ro the fur- therance of that Service , as well for the Government of the faid perforu Shippes and Vclfel U foe to be fett forth and fent to the Sew as aforctaid , as for their proceeding agamftfuch Pirates and Robbers at Sea .

k Ubcrte Cemiti Mentroulh , Si , Cetxtli Sunderland. Ac reverendo in Chrifto Patri Johanei F.pipopo Deeelmenp , & Epifcopo Duneimertfi pro tempore etifteitti. and more particularly wee authorife , and by the- fe Prefents wee doe give unto the perfons foe to be fett forth to the Seas as aforciaid, and to evc TY of them , Power , Autho- ririe and Warrant f That if they mall happen upon the Seas to xnecte with any Piratical Shippc or Shippcs of what Nation foe- ver, that (hall not willingly yield themfeives to be tried and pro- ved by Lawe and Jufticc , but will defend thcmfelves by Force and violence , the)' (hall by all mcanc* poflible and with all For- ce compc l them to yield and fubmk thcmfelves to Reafbn and juflicc, although it due fall out that by fighting with them , one or more of them be tnaymed , hurt or llaync in the Refinance ; and when they have yielded themicivefl , cither willingly or by force , the Matters and Commanded of the faid Shippes foe fett forth for the Service at Udaid , (hall caulc fuch Piraocall Shippes , with 1st s Et a notre tres fidele & bieu-amd Coufeillrr Le Chevalier Jan Coke , autre de nos prinerpaux Secretaires £E- t Uty Ssht.

Zed under the Greate Seale of our Aumyralty as is afotetud by • Letters of Marque, have Bayed and arreiled the lame. The Ccrumijfinm to fell anie of the Premides, which are not fettled by the aforctaid Aftc, in Fee Simple, Fee Farme, Fee Tatlc , tor Tetme of Life , Lives, or Yean (as the Cafe ihall require) unto the p-efent Potlcflbrsof the Inheritance, but upon their refufal or witfoil Neglect of this his Majefttes intended Grace , the laid Commiflioners to fell ante of the aforefatd Pre- mifles to fuch others , as fhall be Suitors for the fame, and for the furrounded Grounds and fuch like , where there is noe pre- fcnt Poi Teilbrs, to fuch as will compounde for the fame And where the Tenure appesteth upon Recorde, the former Tenure is to be referved, but where noe Tenure appearcth, the- re the Tenure is to be in Soccage. _ , _ garner fur la Mer a r avemr pluficurt pdtnraget dr Ttrrtt tout got t anx Forett on Pant dn K oi , dr pui n/anmoim n’rn font point partie, matt jut ont Ilf ae- jntt o* eneploptt par Sa Majrfti a f nfage it Jet hint fanvti , kt- jueilrs Forets on Para apart tt4 drjrubft toatet let femmes dr let proediaret tfm’o M aura temari dans notrt Coot it i Amir and , an fajrt iet pn- Jrt yn aarent dtd faitet on atd fe feroat a favtatr , tn verta iet Let tret ie marque on ie reprrjaiflet lorfqa'on m aura dtaklt lopped enfarme ordinaire dt Droit , taat Jet caafet fti font a prdfeat tn- ddeijetoa fai f rat die ei Jrvaat ,que dr ee Uet aai le feroat a f event par devaat ladite Cent i dr dr itnprmr- hfditrt featemeet , it let eajfer, ih taper on rentavt Utr, amp jue vent le jngeret cottvtnohle felon voire Jeatmrmt ( on it troit on plat i'tttlre vent, dr jot tee differ nrtri caafet le iemanierom en denied , dr qnt votes on troit on plat ie von aarez ideoavert la vdritd it ert chafer , par fexa- men its tdmoias d ferment on fiat ferment , on par eve! Confiderans (ft cbpfet dr pr/voyam Us grands inconvfaient qmi ere r/fm/terowt f Pen mt porte dm remede , Mr ft Pom me pmmt S point ft* veremeut la dupable* ( t*il Pen tronve qutlquet-unt a Panjentr) y stout ordannans dr cornmandons exprefjfment , par la Pr/fente , de I' avis de metre Comfeil Prtvd , quaucun de mot Smjett om amtres ami dense** rent feus metre ob4iflamce y de qmelque rang om semditien quilt ft tent , me 1 arroge dire dement m indtrederntmi de vendre , a l Uner , om dsfpefer de qmelqme mamirre quo ee frit d'auemn Navtre om Vaiffean de tout sort , qmi attra ft* Cat 's dams mot Etats om dehors , ami ft* ra em hat dt navigtr fur Mery a amemne perfonne nle dans (e Pays on qmi y tint fin Dominie , fims prime de mo/re dt fir ace & del eba* foment Us pint rtgourenx qm'on powrra /ear mfisger par let Leix dr.

, Given at our Court* at Whitehall the Fifteenth Day of OBo- Dmni i uttrt Ceur de Whitehall, It « umxdemt /OSobte. Jrut a pre/ent ft evidmet , urn m not pro- • pm Sujrtt, ut xot Al Uit ft Confiddris nt c * r *" fauroient problablemnt prfteudre de f igno- red i ft i autan fue notre del Frtrr (e Roi de France a publti deux dtvtrfet Dl- tljraiami , f uue du quatorzaesne de Mai mille fix ccro vinxi Sc lent . And Rnfrr r Tpprr of Graies Innc hia Majefties Servaunte is to attende the fata Commiflloners in the Execution and Profe- cut»n of the laide Com million. puts antret voyts Idgttimn , afin ie mietx rffetlatr not re komne miration i ret (lari. Ret, quarto Die Aain Rt, crcavit Fhthfpnm Stanhope Baroncm ctfima- Stanhopr in Gradum Sc Dignitatem Comitis Cbeflrrfield Ubi fie mm. Us Statmts de ce Royaume y om par metre Prerogative Roy ale.

, or be anie hindrance to the profitts of the Counccll of our Fee to or- dirone. Trefurer or Ut Kiertrefurer of our Exchequer under both yours or their Hands and Scales, any thing in the laid Commifliona, Let- ters Patents , Privy Scales or Warrants , or any of them contey- ned'tn the contrary nucwitbilatviing. Ncverthekfi wee doe hereby declare, ordeync, conffitute and appoint , that immediately alrer the laid Sir Fetnett Cocunettm (hall returne from the execution of his Embafiie into this our Rcalme of Entered , and unto our Royall Pretence wbrrctocvcr the fame (hall De , ail the Commiflions , Letters Patents , Privy .

but that they and every of them fhall have and enioyeihe like Ltoary of Signing, and Profit for the lime, as hath been he- retofore accuflomed, and our faid Secretarie to havenoimermed- ling with the fame nor anie benefitt nor profit thereof. And of our goodnefs and bcnignitie, wee doe by theis pre- fcnti give, lymit and appoynte unto every one of you the faid Sir William El'll , Sir Tbimas Ti UUf Uy , Sir John Laraitbcr , and Ri- ihard Djitt , for and in rcfpevl of yout leverail taines and atten- dai Ke in and about our laid Service of the laid Counccll, one an- nual! Ba- Lowther, It Chevalier Arthur Ingram Taiui, qfi It Chevalier Ar- thur Ingram k jeunt, Richard Dyne Ecntrr, Jean Scot, Ehilcnr in Thnhtrr Sr Doyen d’York, Richard Hum Deiiew ru Thtlk- fie & Diyru de Durham, & Phinee Hodgibn Di Btur n Tbrili- gie. And , to the end th s our Pleiliiie may lie the better ef Te£fcd , wee doe hereby require and authorize rhe Lord chancellor , or Lard Ktrfrr of the Greet? Stales and Warrants beforetneationed , (full be executed and pro- ceeded in, in the fame manner and forme aa they (houid have bee- tle, if tbefe Prdenu had not been made. tf Qllobrr ** Seaveit end twentieth da/ Per Breve de Private Sigilto.

\KT Hereat his Majeftie hath lardy imployed in bis Service at TV Autant jar Sa Maje Jt/ a rmpltt/ depth pea plafeart Cempa- l6a8. ei \ J ayant vtugl-fx pcrlci de di- verjet pofenn fur let pendant dr bait perlet pendanttt Jftacbftt. , appoint anie, or otherwile all our Judges and Jutticcs in their fe- quelju/t met , on autremeut que lorn mi dr Jufiichrt duns verul places , Dull hcare and examine all the Complaints which hues divers tmplois , eutendeont dr txummrrent tenses Us flumes fliall be made againft any in that bchalfe , Mid (lull inflict fuch qui fe f trout autre quelquei-um i cel Igard, dr mfltgcmt tels chi- pumlhment upon fuch Offenders , by Imprifonmeiu or otherwi- tjmeni aux coupablet fur eirprifouuemeut tn antres vtjts , que ms- l'c, aa our Judges, Juft ices or Cotnmiflioners in their Wildornes drts Juft, Jnfiicieri on Conmnffairei feint lent prudence (e jugcroui Hull think htt , having rcfpe£t to the quality of their Offences: cenvenuble, agant d a la nature du crime ; dr f no: Comms- And if our Commiliioncrs (hall in their good diferetions find faint vicunenl a decouvrtr far leur ben jugement quelque crime on any whole Offence or Mildemeanot deferveth to be made nxirc ma'verjattou qui mfrite une pumtien pin exemplatre , mm voulons Exemplaric , our Pleafure and Commaund ii , that fuch Often- dr ordoamn que ces coupablet agent i fnbir It teufure dr It ftvfrt- ders thali undergoe the Ccnlure and Severity of our Court of t( de noire Ctumbre-cioilee , pour le meprii quilt ament fait d$ Sltrikumber for the contempt of our Prerogative Royall in a noire Prfrogatrve Regale dam une affaire de cette importance eu It matter of fuch confluence touching the good and benefit of bonbeur dr imwarajr du Peuple fe ire uve tmfreffi. And to the end our Pleafure and Command herein may be E t tfin que notrr -joint!