When intelligent children are pushed beyond their limits time and time again, challenged to an unhealthy level of learning that forces them to give up Saturday soccer games and date night and even the prom, they turn into adults who honestly don’’t know how to kick back and relax.

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A workaholic may not be able to change their priorities. We’’ve all seen those family movies where the father is sitting behind his desk at his home office, working feverishly on his big project that will make him or break him and he looks out his window at his children and has an epiphany.

While it’’s certainly some Hallmark material, the angle is still true.

When you’’re dating a workaholic, you can’’t expect them to close the laptop and join you for a vacation unless they are able to realize the benefits in participating in life beyond work.

Since you are not going to be able to force a workaholic to change you are going to have to ask yourself what are you willing to accept.

Finding someone who is potentially a perfect match for you can put you on a serious high and before you know it, you are feeling whisked away, like the sunshine is brighter and the flowers are bigger and sweeter and you’re even losing weight without even trying because your brain is so in love that it is sending out these marvelous chemicals that help you to overlook the subtle, and not so subtle differences that will one day become an issue of conflict.

Dating a workaholic will one day, no doubt, become one of those issues of conflict that can either make a couple much stronger or become the demise of the relationship.

Know the right tools to use, to stay connected with your sweetheart. Or stay connected on an Instant Messenger on your computers.

Even without a smartphone, it is easy to keep in touch via SMS.

How you are able to honestly answer these questions will have a lot to do with how you end up resolving your portion of the relationship. Maybe someday your workaholic will watch you through the window and realize that they are missing out on one of the best things life has to offer them.