You started me down a path where I could imagine what I wanted in a relationship and the conditions necessary to get there.Of course, there was some luck involved in connecting with S -- and I feel very, very lucky -- but you also helped put me in a place where I could see and want and pursue the wonderful person that entered my life." “I am grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and kindness.

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Write to a handful of singles each week; if they don’t write back, you can cross them off your list. This way, you will always have someone you are interested in talking to.

This approach reduces online dating fatigue because you are engaged in a conversation with someone you like; this makes the process much more fun instead of waiting for that you take the initiative to write to men.

I'm regularly amazed and impressed by your breadth and depth of insights, from the practical to the profound.

Your expertise is truly valuable and I know I'm in good hands with you.” “Pella really understands her clients.

She is smart, experienced and savvy and knows exactly the right questions to ask to lead you to find your answers within yourself. ” “I have worked with many coaches and therapists over the years and Pella truly stand outs.

What makes her unique is her ability to show up in her fully authentic self. Pella has the ability to see the bigger picture in regards to my past and present which makes me believe in my future.

She has helped me travel such a long distance in such a short time.

I can’t recommend Pella's dating coaching highly enough!

People don’t respond for a number of reasons that a.) may have nothing to do with you (don’t take it personally) and b.) you may never find out (don’t waste your energy).