So strike a pose and shop Mod Cloth's selection of cute outfits.With so many styles to choose from, Mod Cloth has everything you need to create your signature look.It has been my experience that only about one in three hats has a label of any kind, while others may have up to three. Victorian and Edwardian hats don’t usually have a label.

If the label says size 22 then it is definitely a woman’s hat.

You can find much more information and wonderful photos at the website.

Under Fair Labor Standards.” This and similar labels indicate that members of a union made them.

Sometimes antique dealers will miss-label a tiny hat as a child’s hat when in fact it is a woman’s “doll” or “toy” hat from the 1940’s.

We carry one of the largest vintage hat collections in the valley. One reason we have so many fabulous vintage hats is because of one of our Dealers, Dianna Hanson, also know to us as the “Hat Lady.” Dianna has been collecting for many years and her personal collection has grown to more than 1000 hats.

Part of her collection is featured in the 2013 calendar, “365 Days of Hats.” You can learn more about the “Hat Lady” at

It is filled with wonderful fashions from the late 1800’s to the 1970’s.

You’ll find dresses, skirts, sweaters, coats, shoes, HATS, and more.

Mod Cloth provides an exciting and engaging online shopping experience for everyone in search of vintage women's fashion with fabulous flair.