As executive director of Laura’s House, I can say that one of our greatest challenges is overcoming the public misconception that domestic violence shelters are synonymous with the “homeless shelters”...

Initially I was hating on her because she’s dating Dave Navarro, but then I went to her My Space (stalker-like; yeah I can do it! As I watched Tila Tequila rise to stardom I was impressed with her utter daring. I’m not saying he’s the best guitarist in the world. Closer to Jane’s Addiction, certainly, than The Panic Channel. Perry Farrell’s genius & eerie voice, Stephen Perkins’ exotic percussion, & Eric A.’s aggressive bass & Dave Navarro’s lyrical guitar were —are— perfection to me.

Sara Jewett, who represented Garcia, said the attack was not planned, but was a "sudden quarrel" that had been provoked by the party-goers. "The party-goers were armed, intoxicated and on drugs." The fight ended in two minutes, she said.

"(Samuel Navarro) is not guilty of murdering those two boys." Joseph Navarro who, like Garcia, did not testify during the trial, told investigators he was not present during the melee.

"There is no credible witness and no physical evidence that Joe participated that night," said his attorney, Deputy Public Defender Renee Rupp.

De Limon, during his rebuttal final argument, used the word "baloney" twice to describe efforts by defense attorneys to discredit his cases against the trio.

"I have full faith that you're going to look at everything and do the right thing," De Limon told jurors.

"Eric was not anywhere near the people who were stabbed." Jewett said the murder charges had not been proven against her client. Samuel Navarro's attorney, Peter Morreale, told jurors no testimony had been offered that the three men had planned to attack the partiers.

"There is no evidence of aiding and abetting or conspiracy," Morreale said.He works mostly in the Alternative rock, hard rock genres. Dave is seen with many women in the public and has not been able to keep up with his relation with them.Furthermore, Dave has been seen as a host and judge on Ink Master which is a TV reality tattoo competition now in its seventh season on Spike. Dave was married to Tania Goddard from 1990 to 1993. Dave was in a relationship with model Amie Nicole in 2008.) & listened to her music — it took awhile because you can only access the “back” control on the My Space player since she’s got some kind of ad blocking it — but after listening to her sexy screaming/rapping & seeing her great modeling work I think she has the talent to run with the likes of Ms. She produced such unequivocal trash but promoted it with unparalleled style, magnetism, &, basically, All over the web she’s being called a whore or a slut, & it’s all because there are publicly viewed recordings of her talking. He definitely might be the hottest guitarist in the world. Of course, even closer than Jane’s Addiction was work with Michelle Branch & Christina Aguilera, & a guest appearance on Charmed. Well, & then there’s the picture with the chopped pile of flour. On Tuesday, investigators arrested a fourth person in connection with the stabbings, 27-year-old Lizbeth Robles.