Us: In interviews in 2011, you accused the show of favoring Derek![Laughs.]Us: Cheryl, you were bullied for your weight in 2008.I started to realize this wasn’t the person for me.

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But I’ve benefited tremendously from speaking my mind.

I have a new understanding that there is more than one way of getting things done.

Former Bachelorette star Deanna Pappas is once again engaged according to Us Weekly.

De Anna, 28, confirms to the magazine that she is indeed engaged to Stephen Stagliano, who just happens to be the twin brother of former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano. Us Weekly is also reporting that former Bachelor contestant Holly Durst is engaged to Michael Stagliano, a contestant on the Bachelorette season of Jillian Harris. De Anna and Holly both met their fiances (the twins) at a party for 2009’s .

That's a waste of young, frisky, fame-hungry reality TV talent, don't you think?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy knows from experience that you can always go home again.DH: It was frustrating [being accused of favoritism], because it discounted my work and how much I put into teaching and choreography.Whatever somebody says about me, that’s a reflection on how they feel and how they are.“I was crying, holding his hands, and he showed me the ring. Continuing with the Bachelor incestuous theme, Radar Online is now reporting Jesse Csincsak is engaged to former Bachelor contestant Ann Lueders.In case you’re wondering, yes this is the same Jesse who used to be engaged to De Anna Pappas after winning her Bachelorette season in 2008, and yes this is the same Jesse who briefly dated De Anna’s future sister-in-law to be, Holly Durst in 2009. Jesse, who might or might not be a raging famewhore, made sure to invite the Radar Online cameras to capture every moment of his intimate engagement and also made sure to tell the site he proposed with a “stunning ,000 custom-made 2 carat princess cut engagement ring designed by Rob Levit of North Eastern Ohio-based Levit Jewelers Inc.”And in case you’re asking yourself, who the heck is Ann Lueders? A quick search however shows Ann was on the Bachelor season 13 with Jason Mesnick. I finished, dillydallied for a while, and I was like, "I want to move a little!