Essentially, it’s how you run your dental practice.

Even your office decor and physical environment play a role in your office culture.

But retaining existing patients requires more than just offering passable service, convenient hours, and an easy-to-access location.

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When it comes to growing your patient base, nothing beats a word-of-mouth referral.

A trusted recommendation from a friend, family member, colleague or even the internet can be the sole reason why a patient chooses your dental practice over another.

When fined tuned, your unique way of doing things has the power to boost productivity, attract quality staff, and keep patients coming back for more.

To develop and strengthen your office culture, gather all of your staff members and have an in-depth discussion about your dental office’s day-to-day operations as well as its long-term goals.

Every successful dentist provides patients with a wide range of payment options so they’ll be more inclined to accept treatment recommendations and return for ongoing dental care.

In addition to insurance coverage, convenient financial options include debit, credit, personal check and cash, plus special financing to ensure personal financial circumstances don’t interfere with dental health care decisions.

Maybe you’re interested in improving your clinic’s accessibility.

Or maybe you’re considering introducing new specialties to meet your community’s growing needs.

Whatever route you’re considering, make sure you don’t overextend your practice!