Lastly we had the big bad rabid fruitcakes in the yard. Dushku did warm up as the film moved along and talked about her experience.Props goes out to Stan Winston for creating a credible and frightening deformed family and to director Schmidt for knowing how much to show and not to show in order to retain the fear they should provoke in the audience. As for Desmond, he was asleep at the wheel, randomly mumbling or cracking jokes. We also get some trivia, some funny comments at the action on-screen, some meat about the sets and the stunts. Winston comes in to talk about how he got started in the effects business, his evolution right up to becoming a producer.That being said, the last time I checked..wasnt necessarily a bad thing. Jeremy Sisto (Scott) was mucho endearing and funny as hell. There was definitely a gritty 70s feel to the movie and it charmed the pants out of me.

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Rob Schmidt: I tried to do the good director thing by showing the actors that it was okay to be under the bed by going under it yourself...

I did it for a second, and when I got out, I was like, "Oh my fuckin' god!

Horror clichs and a cheesy vibe are not always negative for me, theyre part of the genre that I love and in some sittings...theyre part of the fun. Overall, "Wrong Turn" was a balls-to-the-wall horror ride that didnt shy away from the goodies. They are horror movies that I like to watch for high IQ and subtlety and there are movies like "Wrong Turn" that are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed, but that kick serious ass by awakening fear, shock, tension, cheap laughs and outspoken fuck yeahs in yours truly.

What I got dealt here was a gripping, unapologetic genre film that occasionally wound up being really fun when it was bad-- in other words, it was hard for this one to fail in my eyes since I got so many different levels of enjoyment out of it. Sure, for anybody thats seen "TCM" and "Deliverance", you wont find much thats original in terms of content here, but this film took those known conventions and executed them with skill while slapping in a strong dose of sadism and tasty horror cheese.

Having said that, I had a riot playing the guessing game, being right all the time and watching the kids consequently checking out in messy ways. Of the lot, my fav player was Chris (Harrington) who had my vote for the hippest cat in this gory litter. How do I love my count the ways: dismembered bodies, arrows in the back, an arrow in the head (you bet!

The man was a take charge, kool as ice, brave mofo and I was rooting for him like a cheerleader on speed. Desmond Harrington (Chris) underplayed it and his characters strength really appealed to me. Eliza Dushku (Jesse) couldve been playing a sheep and I still wouldve loved her. ), barbed wire choking, a priceless decapitation and more! Sadly, we didnt get any blatant female nudity but hey man, can you go wrong with Linda Booth teasing us with her oranges and looking damn fine?I also dug peace and love Scott (played by the always money Jeremy Sisto) who had all the funniest lines as well. Her character was thinner than ice, but her magnetism and her hot looks kept my eyes glued. Linda Booth (Francine) didnt have much to do here, but look yummy and did an awesome job at it. Can you fail with Emmanuelle Chriqui displaying cleavage and that scrumptious belly button proudly? The ladies get Desmond Harringtons flawless tan and Jeremy Sistos wild hair.Eliza Dusku (playing Jesse) surprisingly didnt have much to toy with in terms of characterization, as her white tank top and tight Jeans had more depth than her character. Emmanuelle Chriqui (Carly) showed off a solid delivery and one cute belly button. Schmidt did a bang-on job here, keeping it simple to maximize the impact of the film, while at times displaying the occasional stylish shot.The enthralling action scenes undeniably pushed all of my right horror cum buttons with the extensive stalk-and-hide tree jamboree serving as the highlight. Tag to all that, a suspense quotient that was jacked up to HIGH volume and you get one intense buck and half.On a character level, some of the players were whatever and it was very easy to pick out who would live and who would dieeven in what order.An indescribable nightmare begins when a group of young friends is stranded on an isolated road deep in the Appalachian hills of West Virginia, with no hope of rescue.