"I went back yesterday, and the director was like, ' Could you do the whole script? I've memorized 30 scenes.' It has just become part of the DNA of the last couple years of work in Terriers. Your only defense is preparation." For an actor who's been working consistently for the last 20 years, Logue still doesn't exist on most people's radars.He's had roles in close to 50 films, including Jerry Maguire, Blade, The Patriot, and The Tao of Steve, for which he won a Special Grand Jury Prize for best actor at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.

Donal Logue sat in a booth of a greasy-spoon diner close to the highway in Studio City, Calif.

It's not the sort of place an actor typically picks for an interview, a far cry from a beachfront hotel or private Hollywood club, but then again, Logue isn't your typical actor.

After I sat down across from him, the 48-year-old actor pulled out his phone to show a photo of what his hair had looked like a few days earlier."Hey, Jimmy," he said, flagging over a sleepy waiter with tattoo sleeves, "check it out."The photo was of the back of Logue's head, his rusty red hair tied into a ponytail that dangled just below his shoulder blades.

It was long, and we all leaned in to gawk at it."That's what you just cut off?

"Your first thought wouldn't be, Oh, Harvard grad, intellectual giant.

I'm sure he's been frustrated because of that at various points in his career."Logue did express some of that frustration, though he seemed to laugh it off more than anything.

According to his sister, "He'd always be reading history books on his own — even in the third grade — that were high school-level and didn't have anything to do with school, they were just Donal's interests." He was by all accounts insanely precocious.

It wasn't just books he found a passion for, though: He also excelled in sports and joined the baseball, football, tennis, soccer, and track and field teams.

The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but I’m sure you realize that this situation is bigger than you could’ve anticipated.” Donal added that no matter where Jade is, her family will take her back, no questions asked.