Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together.” ~Unknown I am at a phase in my life right now where I’m struggling with loneliness.It means that most of the time, I feel a deep sense of disconnection from the world around me and the people I share it with.Since the breakup we had zero contact and in this time I have become friends with another guy.

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I finally feel that I recovered after the two years, but had a very dramatic unhealthy relationship in between with someone who I did take my time with getting to know platonically at first, but he was a huge overcorrection from my ex.

The new guy was very alpha, and what came with that was incredible drama, fights, verbally aggressive language.

No matter how I tried to fix myself, I could never seem to get anything right. Now that I broke that off and haven’t spoken to him for four months, I got back into online dating.

I have gone on four dates with the total opposite of the alpha guy.

So you’ve decided that it’s time to leave that no-good lover of yours on the curb. If you’ve broken up recently, or have been dumped by your dream squeeze, lift your chin up. In fact, it’s a whole new exciting start if you choose to see the bright side. ] 10 things to do after a break up Here are ten things you really should do after breaking up with a lover. Yes, you’re going to have a lot of free time on your hands. Stare at walls for a while, and then walk backwards slowly until the hypnotic effect of the blank walls wear away. Nothing beats the wild, sexy rush of sweaty parties.

But there are a few smart things and dumb things to do that’ll definitely make a difference to your life. When you break up with your sweetheart, you’d start to love sad, heart wrenching songs, and beautiful views of empty walls and half empty glasses. [Read: Signs your ex is thinking about you] #7 Avoid places and activities that make you miss being a couple. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a guy over text and seduce him] #9 Party.

A fling or a rebound relationship is the hair of the dog of the dating world. And guess what, it’s a freakin’ happy place out there!

[Read: The good side of rebound relationships] Still wondering what to do after a break up?

It just means that to really see if there is something there, you have to allow your guy to be more alpha with you – plan dates, make the first move, and follow up to see you again. You are under no obligation to date him if he doesn’t make you happy. So when she found a guy who doted upon her, opening the car door, carrying the heavy grocery bag, lavishing her with gifts, she tied the knot, because he was everything my Dad wasn’t. So, Susan, just because you were with an uber-alpha and need to detox from him does NOT mean you have to go way down the beta scale. Awesome post on so many levels that I can relate to.