Follow me on Pinterest Date nights are a good idea to a great relationshop or marriage but doing one every week or even every other week can get expensive and kinda hard to figure out.My husband and I actually came up with this list of 100 easy, cheap and fun date night ideas which should keep you pretty busy!She describes herself, with characteristic humor, as newly “patched, retreaded and approved for the road.” Esther observes a gap between what society says she should experience and what she does experience, and this gap intensifies her madness.

He does not listen to her, and prescribes a traumatic and unhelpful shock therapy treatment.

Joan, Esther’s acquaintance in the mental hospital, tells a similar tale of the insensitivity of male psychiatrists.

This sense of unreality grows until it becomes unbearable, and attempted suicide and madness follow.

Esther’s sense of alienation from the world around her comes from the expectations placed upon her as a young woman living in s America.

She dreams of a larger life, but the stress even of dreaming such a thing worsens her madness.

The Bell Jar takes a critical view of the medical profession, in particular psychiatric medicine.Instead of undergoing a progressive education in the ways of the world, culminating in an entrance into adulthood, Esther regresses into madness.Experiences intended to be life-changing in a positive sense—Esther’s first time in New York City, her first marriage proposal, her success in college—are upsetting and disorienting to her.Buddy assumes that Esther will drop her poetic ambitions as soon as she becomes a mother, and Esther also assumes that she cannot be both mother and poet.Esther longs to have adventures that society denies her, particularly sexual adventures.When Esther goes to a more enlightened, luxurious institution, she begins to heal under the care of Dr. The three methods of 1950s psychiatric treatment—talk therapy, insulin injections, and electroshock therapy—work for Esther under the proper and attentive care of Dr. Even properly administered therapy does not receive unmitigated praise, however.