It’s also important to rule out any emotional issues at home or school that could be the underlying trigger for bed-wetting episodes, says Dr Dobson.If you’ve just started potty training, it’s critical to have realistic goals to start with, says Ann.

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview With James Dobson Aired September 5, 2003 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. I mean, the court is there to determine what is constitutional and what is not. KING: But obviously you thought that they had the right to put the Ten Commandments in the courthouse or you wouldn't have been calling it tyranny. And I can't see any reason, Larry, why the federal court had the, you know, the temerity to come down there and dictate to the people of Alabama to beat up on them for how they decorate their court when... Dobson -- the people of Alabama -- you supported candidates who favored segregated schools. The sergeant of arms, every day, begins the court by saying, God bless the United States and this court. It is in the Capitol building and many, many ways that you can't deny. There is no law that says you have to honor your mother and father. But what does it mean to you, separation of -- I mean, you agree with, don't you? because that's not the -- that's not the historic foundation of our country. DOBSON: The beautiful thing, Larry, about the Judeo-Christian system of values is that it provides freedom. What did you make of the execution of the abortion clinic killer Paul Hill? May I clarify something that I said just a moment ago or extend it to explain.

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. DOBSON: I do believe that primarily because Justice Moore campaigned on that promise. Should we have favored segregated schools because the people voted for it? In fact, that would be a ridiculous law because then Jeffrey Dahmer's kids would have to honor him and Hitler's children, if they had children. DOBSON: I meant to say the separation of church and state does not appear in the Constitution. KING: So you're saying we're a Judeo-Christian country? Freedom to worship however you want to or freedom not to worship at all. We're not in favor of overthrowing constitutional government. But there are times when you answer to a higher law.

And before you consider all sorts of reasons why your child could be having more “accidents”, make sure he doesn’t have an infection of some sort, says Ann.

“Infections of the urogenital area including the bladder and kidneys, could be to blame for sudden changes in toilet habits,” explains Ann.

Although this might resolve the issue temporarily for younger children, he doesn’t recommend doing this for older kids, as they sometimes dream that they’re being told to “wee” and wet the bed.

Instead, researchers from the American Sleep Association suggest offering a reward each time your child calls you in the night to go to the potty or manages to stay dry.Pushing potty training too early isn’t advised, as little ones don’t have proper bladder control before the age of two, she explains.Also, if your child isn’t emotionally ready to transition out of nappies, a regression usually occurs quite quickly, within a month or two.Make sure he’s eating plenty of wholefoods, such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, and he’s drinking enough water throughout the day.If the constipation continues and you’re concerned, see your GP for further advice.Night-time and naptime bladder control are different from daytime control, and for this reason, staying dry at night could take longer, and should be dealt with differently.