This division between the Eastern and Western Churches has no strong theological basis, but neither is it simply a technical skirmish.

Take a look at the following table considering What the hell?! The disturbing thing is that it works and it’s actually explained in the Book of Common Prayer (1662).

I’m completely overwhelmed by curiosity, but I have to leave it for another time.

For now, I will simply explain how I’ve implemented that in Clojure.

First, let’s write some failing unit tests to make sure we have our expectations fulfilled. You can find the source code of this post in my Git Hub repository cosmos.

A meeting organized by the Council of World Churches (in Aleppo, Syria, March 5–10, 1997) proposed a solution thought to be favorable to both East and West: both methods of calculating the equinox and the paschal full moon would be replaced with the most advanced astronomically accurate calculations available, using the meridian of Jerusalem as the point of measure.

Since that meeting, however, no further progress has been made and the problem remains.

Planning a trip in a high touristic season is hard.

Everything is expensive and expected to be crowded.

In the Western Church, Easter sometimes precedes Passover by weeks.