When we are talking about matters of the human heart and the motives behind the decisions people make, and LGBT issues are very much matters of the heart, and when looking at ways to increase people’s faith in Christ, if we do not take into account trauma and mental or emotional illness as well as other factors such as understanding of principles and support in being able to handle the challenges of life, then we can come across as cold and insensitive, and can inadvertently contribute to a state where the seed of the gospel cannot grow.

(Probably because I also lightly associate homophobia with sexism.) They were well put together.

I think Oaks’ real problem was that, he’s talking about something that’s been talked about a million times before, but we are reaching a point in the gay “movement” that, people realise that we are equals. — Masen Brandon You know, we really expect a lot from our prophets.

— Luiz Correa Having served my mission to Brazil I was able to befriend a handful of the Brazilian delegation [to the Affirmation conference].

Their presentations were inspiring, full of love and devoid of hurt and bitterness.

Oaks’ talk in their presence spoiled what was otherwise an uplifting once in a lifetime opportunity for these brothers and sisters.

One of them just messaged me saying, “I was so uncomfortable.

I would be fine to leave the Church alone or not engage on issues of Mormonism if the Church leadership would actually stop attacking the LGBT community at every turn.

It would take decades of “good” talks to make up for the damage that the current leadership of the Church does.

It honestly feels like walking into beautiful blue waters of the ocean to be bitten and attacked by a great white shark.

The church presents such a beautiful picture and inviting atmosphere.

I personally did not feel much of God’s love in that talk, I am sure because of my own weaknesses.