The teeth can vary in thickness, length and strength. The lock combs may not work for all hair types, textures, lengths and conditions. Banana lock combs may not hold well in hair which is very fine or thin or has a natural tendency to be slippery or very soft. These interlocking hair combs may not work in hair which is extremely thick or heavy unless used on only a portion of hair such as a half pony. Banana lock combs may get tangled in naturally curly, coily or kinky hair but usually works well for naturally wavy tresses. They are also available in natural shades of black, brown, tortoise or similar. Banana lock combs can be used to help hold an updo in place or to secure a side pony or as decoration for a range of cute, flirty, sassy hairstyles. These hair accessories are available from a range of countries and may be hand crafted or made from a mold. Gather the hair into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head. Hold your hair in one hand and the comb in the other.

They are made from the finest cellulose or an inexpensive plastic.

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This popular hair accessory are sometimes called banana clips because when the comb is closed it closely resembles a banana. Some lock combs are available in a range of shapes from goldfish to squares and rectangles. Place the comb underneath the base of your ponytail with the open ends pointing up. Release your ponytail and allow the hair to fall into the open comb. As you lift, draw the ends together until they meet in the center of your head.

More Info: To see more Banana Lock Comb images visit The Hair Marketplace. These locking combs come in a range of sizes from mini, small, medium, large or very large. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be found embellished with crystals or similar stones. Smooth your hair to the back of your head using the brush to help remove any bumps.

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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.When a banana lock comb is used together it can sometimes hold the hair in place better than two individual combs. Banana Lock Combs are not the same thing as banana clips which do not contain combs. For a wide selection of locking, hinged or similar combs visit the Hair Marketplace.Banana lock combs should not be confused with Banana clips which do not contain any sort of teeth 4. Lift the hair up by pulling the comb ends forward toward your forehead. Original Publication Date: 06/09/11 - Revised Date: 04/17/12 If you want to talk more about this or other hair care articles on Hair or anywhere else, please post a message on Hair's Hair Talk Forums.The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.“Happy Endings,” indeed: Actress Elisha Cuthbert and her boyfriend, NHL player Dion Phaneuf, are engaged. 2) at a surprise party with about 40 family and friends at a restaurant on Prince Edward Island, where Cuthbert showed off her ring.They are clipped into place by pulling the two opposite open ends together and snapping them into place.