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After all, the main issue with inter-racial marriage is a misunderstanding of cultures. Today, with the advent of social media, movies, books, travels, tv shows and whatnot, Ethiopian women are well aware of other cultures and others are also aware of Ethiopian culture.

So, yes, they do date and eventually marry non Ethiopian husbands as long as they find them to be good ones.

If you ever heard an Ethiopian woman speaking a foreign language, then she was speaking Amharic.

The more Amharic you learn, the easier it will be to date almost an Ethiopian woman since many do not speak good English.

An Ethiopian girl born and raised in both religions share pretty much the same kind of conservativeness.

But, let her shyness fool you not and think she will do whatever you like her to do.

So, don't be surprised if she didn't introduce you to her family or relatives within short period of time. It goes back to the culture of Ethiopia and how she is raised.

Basically, being with men, especially different, is a a big frown upon and she doesn't want that to happen. Families are getting more into approving relationships and encouraging to have a good relationship while watching herself. Chances are high that you might find Habeshan woman that is from a conservative family.

Ethiopia is one of those conservative countries you will find on earth.