But problems cannot be solved by the closure of the Balkan route or by borders and fences.

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, about the outcome of the Austrian National Council elections: The results of the Austrian National Council elections are a clear rightward shift and are driving this development further throughout Europe.

The pivotal question in the election campaign, unfortunately, was not how to effectively combat the causes of migration, but how they effectively seal off Austria and the EU.

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Our opinion Myth N 2: Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful, attractive, sexy and they have a special natural charm. Our response To teach rules of acquaintance is an ungrateful and a senseless affair.

Every person is individual and has their own point of view on how to behave in this or that situation.

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How should one begin a correspondence with a woman you liked from Russia or Ukraine?

A woman’s name helps to understand how and when she will demonstrate her uniqueness, talents, potential, what character will be that girl with this name, what kind of fate will she have.