She occasionally played television roles and returned ten years later for her final film, No Greater Love. Evelyn Ankers died of ovarian cancer at the age of 67 on August 29th, 1985 in Maui, Hawaii.

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Ankers' best-remembered film is probably "The Wolf Man" (1941), which confirmed Lon Chaney Jr.'s status as a horror star.

Married to actor Richard Denning in 1942, she virtually retired from film in 1950 and moved with her husband to Hawaii in 1968.

She was survived by her husband, Richard Denning, a daughter, Diana, and two grandchildren.

30 (UPI)-— Evelyn Ankers, an actress known in Hollywood as the ''Queen of the B's,'' died of cancer Thursday at her home in Haiku on the island of Maui. Miss Ankers appeared in 51 British and American movies from 1930 to 1950 - the horror, ghost and adventure B-movies that were the escapist fare of those years.

She also acted with husband Richard Denning in the 20th Century Fox release Black Beauty (1946).

By 1950, Ankers had settled into married life and motherhood and walked away from her film career.

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By the time she completed her studies in school in the mid 1930s, Ankers was landing small roles in British film productions, including Fire Over England (1937; with Raymond Massey) and Bells of St. Even in these small parts, Ankers beauty and talent shined through, so much that she soon was cast in starring roles in the low budget crime dramas The Villiers Diamond (1938) and The Claydon Treasure Mystery (1938).

With these early successes, the young actress crossed the Atlantic and headed for Hollywood, where she signed with Universal in 1940.

While he went off to war, Ankers' signature blood-curdling scream heightened the tension in such horror flicks as The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942; with Lon Chaney Jr.