His musical interests include northern soul and electronic music, especially drum and bass. His sister, Issie, is a member of London band Novella.He has an Instagram, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Twitter.

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Joshua Hayward (born 15 Dec, 1984; previously known as Joshua Von Grimm and occasionally still going by Joshua Third) is the Horrors’ guitarist.

Now 32, he finished his physics degree at UCL over ten years ago.

Released in 2015, the score earned the duo a European Film Award for Best Composer.

That year, Cat's Eyes worked with producer Steve Osborne on their second proper album, Treasure House, which incorporated dream pop and classical influences.

Rhys Webb (born 18 Feb, 1983; previously known as Spider Webb) is the oldest Horror at 34.

He studied fashion before he became the band’s organist, and he has played bass since their second album.

I think this one is going to be one of my favourite films of the last few years, really." Inspired by the likes of James Bond composer John Barry, Ennio Morricone and other Italian soundtrack composers from the '70s, Badwan describes the band's new LP as a continuation on the "twisted" orchestral compositions found on the pair's debut, but is quick to add Zeffira is the main vocalist on the record.

"The film is about a world without men," he laughs, "so I wasn't allowed to do any singing." Produced in between sessions for the new Horrors LP, the soundtrack was recorded in part at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios, while other tracks from the album were created at the duo's home studio — a move that created its own set of problems during the recording process for the band.

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Member of the He also writes, sings, and plays guitar alongside Rachel in their band Cat’s Eyes; the sound of their first album was heavily influenced by Faris’s love for 60’s girl groups.

Cat's Eyes played their first full-fledged concert and issued the Face in the Crowd EP in March, a few weeks before their self-titled debut arrived.