He wanted me just as much as I craved him, and the thought was exhilarating. His hips settled between mine, and I spread them wider to accommodate him. " He seemed to be enjoying this torment and honestly it was only making me hotter and more needy. And besides I think I like it better when you call me Sir.

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It felt like an eternity before he was fully inside me.

I was sure there was a puddle under us on the sheets. I was lost in the moment when he kissed me, still tasting hints of myself on his tongue.

My dress settled up around my waist, and when he set me on the kitchen counter, the granite was cold on my bare ass. Put your hands on the counter." His sensual smoky voice sent shivers down my spine. "Mmmmm." His rumbles of approval vibrated through my body.

He pushed in deeper on the next stroke, parting my labia and licking his tongue in through my cream. I craved to call him Sir and give myself over; but he hadn't asked for that, so I held back.

I was laid bare before him and I wasn't ashamed or nervous at all. He crawled up my body like a panther on the hunt, all smooth muscle and grace; kissing my skin until we were face to face.

His eyes had gone almost black, the pupil taking over the natural blue. Our fingers intertwined and he pushed them above my head.

Stretching me over him and pulling back with a pop. My hips had a mind of their own, gyrating in an attempt to get him deeper. I moaned as he nibbled and sucked, each pull of his mouth made my pussy clench.

I was desperate for this man, for what he was giving me.

He stared intently into my eyes as I came undone for him. " I managed a squeaky "yes Sir." He landed another smack to my left cheek. It wasn't doing anything to quell the heat in my core.