Karl Vick: Celebrity justice is a specialty here, though.

And though I'm not sure the price tag would get to millions, Judge Espinoza did say that if Polanski was going to come back, please give the court a few weeks to get the logistics in order.

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He gave Polanski a couple of months to do so, and when he didn't show, said "Motion is denied." _______________________ Washington, D. It's been known for years that Polanski travels throughout Europe -- Switzerland included. I don't know that much about French culture -- are they against women's rights in general, or is it just a difference about sex with young minors? _______________________ Fairfax, Va.: I'm in no way defending child molesters, but if I recall the stories at the time there were some questions about whether Polanski knew the girl's age and whether the girl's mother had some role in the events. Polanski was originally charged with multiple felonies, and his guilty plea was part of a plea bargain that the judge apparently wasn't willing to honor.

C.: Do you think the Swiss cooperation in the arrest is connected to the deteriorating relationship the U. Before you get into what might happen now could you give a short summary of the undisputed facts (if there are any) of this case?

As for the facts, I don't believe they are much in dispute in the court record: Her grand jury testimony was made public a few years ago; I glanced at it on the Smoking Gun sight yesterday. As for the rumors of stage mothering and complicity by the victim: there was all sorts of such talk in the press at the time, to some extent no doubt originating from the defense side, as tends to happen in a sex case. There's some speculation that the HBO documentary lit a fire under this cold case -- that the prosecutors weren't happy with their depiction and wanted to take action of some sort.

But in this case it was apparently embraced with great zeal by the press, especially the European press, which was keen on the "Lolita" angle. so tranquil and free of crime that it must look to European-based fugitives to keep its attorneys busy? The timing is something that everyone's wondering about. The warrant remained outstanding; Polanski remained a fugitive. The auteur could not expect that this "drama," as a previous chatter noted, would not have a third act.

_______________________ Woburn, Mass.: If you read the transcript, its pretty clear it was forcible rape, so I [am] not sure what defense Polanski could have.

Is rape of a 13-year-old not a crime of importance in France or Poland?

Does this stuff deserve a headline, several op-ed articles and a live chat in the WP? But for what it's worth, the country's foreign minister, Bernard Koucher, is quoted today as calling the arrest "a bit sinister." _______________________ Chicago, Ill.: I understand that Mr. He admitted to sexual interactions with a 13-year-old girl. Emotions mean nothing, including any sympathy for Polanski's tragic life story, or the victim's expressions of a sort of forgiveness (she has said she's gotten on with her life and has no problem with Polanski's returning to the United States).

Richard Leiby: Maybe it would deserve no coverage in a perfect world that isn't obsessed with movies and celebrity. Although the director admitted to the statutory rape charge, the pending charge is related to his flight from the court's jurisdiction.

And it seems to me that Polanski was totally sandbagged. Marshals Service had been tracking him for a while, just waiting for an occasion when Polanski's whereabouts would be confirmed. He found that "there was substantial, it seems to me, misconduct during the pendency of this case," according to the account by Harriet Ryan in the Los Angeles Times. I got the impression at the time that perhaps French culture still thinks about rape in an old- fashioned, romantic way, instead of the ugly reality. I remember in college seeing him in a movie that ended with his character severing his member with an electric knife. Polanski into "observation" when the Judge was actually using it as a form of jail. Richard Leiby: Polanski's lawyers had been pursuing exactly that line of attack here in the U. But I can't see the US Justice Department stepping in.