Rate other members and even judge their movies and images! Join our community here at Meendo and discover what surprises we have in store for you! The parents of a 16-year-old are suing for million because their son killed himself after being frightened into thinking he would be classed as a pedophile for allegedly sharing an intimate clip of himself with a female classmate.

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The teen, who did not have a criminal record and was an avid hockey player, had recently told his parents about a sexual encounter given it was his first time.

His mother arrived at the school a short time later, but Corey had already left and staff didn't know where he had gone.

The lawsuit also states that the deans and police officer broke a crucial state law, which demands that parents be notified during an interrogation of a minor. Instead, they scared him to death,' Corey's devastated mother, Maureen Walgren, told the Tribune.

Mrs Walgren said the officer called her at work - on loudspeaker while Corey was still in the room - and said the teen was being investigated for child pornography and could be placed on a sex offender's register.

A man and his heavily pregnant wife have been found shot dead in an Illinois home in an apparent murder-suicide.

Police say Shedrick Pryor, 32, killed his 24-year-old wife April Pryor at an apartment in Woodridge on Monday night.They threatened to register him as a sex offender because the classmate he had a 'consensual' sexual encounter with was also 16 years old, a year below the legal age of consent in Illinois.A short time after the interrogation, Corey jumped from a five-story parking garage and died in hospital from his injuries.Police found Pryor and his pregnant wife dead in the living room when they arrived.The other wounded woman was found in the back of the apartment.The parents of Corey Walgren, 16, (pictured in hockey jersey) are suing after the teen committed suicide in January in Naperville, Illinois, soon after he was questioned about claims he possessed and potentially shared 'child pornography' Mrs Walgren (pictured with Mr Walgren) says the deans and the police officer who questioned her son did not notify her at the right time, which caused Corey to have 'extreme and excessive psychological distress and fear'Corey had been called into the office at Naperville North High School on January 11 after a female classmate told a school dean that he had a recording of a sexual encounter they had before Christmas.