Linked In says, "We believe conversations make everything you do on Linked In more meaningful and powerful." It is popular among recruiters looking for qualified candidates, staying in touch with previous coworkers, and following up after in-person meetings.

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Social networking sites with chatting capabilities combine the static elements of social networking with the instant gratification of online chatting.

Many major sites are combining the two to serve the needs of their users while smaller niche sites are also popping up with both networking and chat available.

All the social networking sites mentioned below have mobile applications to download.

Chat features for these sites either have a separate app, like Facebook Messenger, or the chat is available within the main app.

Sites like Tumblr have added chat and Google has upgraded their system in the past few years.

The demand for chatting and social networking in one place continues to grow.Want to build professional connections or network with others in your area?Linked In has a chatting feature that allows you to message people you are connected to as well as people you haven't connected with yet.It is a highly rated platform among its users because of "its rich set of tools and options." Users are assigned to an organization and are added to channels to streamline processes. This online messenger is becoming a social networking site of its own; friend groups use it to stay in touch because the platform is free.Slack redefined the chat room while also improving business processes at the same time!One of the biggest advantages of Google Hangouts is the seamless nature of transitioning from text chat to video chat.