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The bulk of visitors discover the amazing beaches in India/Sri Lanka and two of the world's most spectacular mountain ranges.

Temples and alien culture are abound, alongside thousands of lesser-known worthwhile attractions void of others.

Yes, it's damn trying and hard work, but India has so much to offer on and off the tourist trail: English spoken, culturally/historically fascinating, good transport, cheap and just plain brilliant. This really is one of the few places on the globe you can still get serious culture shock and sensual overload.

India really is just so much it's almost impossible to introduce and summarise, perhaps the only common theme is you'll feel like all your senses are being assaulted.

Travel here is as enjoyable, frustrating and cheap as it gets.

The Maldives has only recently opened up to independent visitors and almost nobody goes to Bangladesh and Pakistan (parts of which are unsafe).

Find some space and try not to just run from one sight to another. More than anywhere else on the planet you need to What follows are only basic snap shot summaries, kind of at a glance information you won't get from a guidebook.

However, let's be fair, with huge and complex countries like India, only half the story is told.

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