Omegle has been around for a while connecting random strangers in text chats.They have added the video chat option very recently.

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You should have a email id provided by your University or college to register and take part in a conversation.

The site also supports Facebook Connect, however, the email id with which you have registered in Facebook should be id. Apart from being an extremely hilarious idea, I noted a few funny things in these web apps.

There are currently 74 categories to choose for blocking.

Please find below a short description of each category.

Sites dedicated to martial arts such karate, kung fu, taek won do as well as fighting sports sites like ufc.

All site listed in this category are also part of sports.

This category is meant for users who wish to allow sports but no "aggressive" kind of sports.

Sites explaining the biological functions of the body concerning sexuality as well as sexual health; this, too, covers sites for teenagers with questions about firstlove, first sex, and subjects related to this topics. Sites that tries to actively try to install software (or lure the user in doing so) in order to spy the surfig behaviour (or worse). The homecalling site where the collecting information is sent are listed, too.

So you can pick and choose the person to have a random chat with.