It was the best day in my life and of course it didn't stayed to one time.

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When I was 18 I noticed that I still had lots of feelings for my father, even a crush.

I tried to block it out and even thought about finding psychological help,but I was embarrassed to talk about it.

I told him about my feelings for him and that I loved him in a way a daughter should not do.

I told him that I even fantasize about him, I did not mentioned the masturbation part,and started crying.

I would also like to learn her name if at all possible. 2 Comments I had for a long time feelings for my dad, started when I was 13.

In the first place I thought I was sick and later on I read on the internet about this Oedipus complex. When I started dating guys I still had fantasies about my father from time to time.

He told me that he was indeed shocked and surprised but also understood full.

He told me that he wasn't angry at me and he new about this Oedipus complexity.

The video was in POV perspective and I may be mistaken but the girl may have been wearing blue to start.

Any help would be appreciated this has been driving me nuts trying to find this video.

I still am single and not think about a relation yet, but we both know that some day this will end. I had to quit with the pill for an while, because of side effects, and one night when my dad came over for sex we discovered that we ran out of condoms.