My first question upon reading this was, if the detective was really looking for child predators, what was he doing in an adult chat room in the first place?This is just one of several aspects of the police investigation in this case that I find troubling. During this and one other chat (each of which containing only 20 to 25 lines of conversation) that occurred a few days later, sex is discussed in fairly graphic terms Ultimately a meeting is arranged at a fast food restaurant in Baltimore County.

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Bonsall told the girl she "had a great body" and asked her to send nude photos to him, which she did, police allege.

Forensic analysis of Bonsall's two cellphones found evidence of texts that contained sexually explicit or obscene images, documents state.'Daily contact': Hine also learned that Bonsall and the girl had daily contact, including before he left for work and late at night, in his driveway."Bonsall would inform her when his wife was not home so they could meet up," Hine wrote in charging documents.

As a Maryland Criminal Attorney, I often represent people charged with Internet crimes such as solicitation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.

I was recently retained in such a case in Baltimore County Circuit Court wherein my client is charged not with soliciting a minor on the Internet, but instead with soliciting an undercover detective posing as a minor.

He admittedly had been doing this for some time without the knowledge of his wife.

In November of last year he was in an adult chat room when a Baltimore County Police detective posing as a 13 year old girl struck up a chat with him.

She said she and Bonsall started having contact through Facebook and Snapchat in June 2016 and that they started sending nude photos of themselves to each other when she was 15 years old, documents allege.

Texted nude photos: The teen also confirmed she and Bonsall started having sex sometime around her 16th birthday and said he sent her "a lot" of photos, including of his penis, as well as videos of him masturbating, according to charging documents.

Impossibility of the factual variety as we have here is pretty self-explanatory.