“Marketers” act like headhunters, picking up addicts when they’re down, then bringing them to rehab centers and halfway houses for a fee — usually about 0 per head.“There's a lot of cynicism around because there's these headhunters that hang out at Starbucks and coffeehouses,” said Harold Jonas, an addiction counselor who has run recovery-oriented businesses in South Florida for 25 years and was one of the first sober-home owners in Delray Beach.

“They'll pay people to use because they get a 0-per-head fee to get them into detox.”Because the best way to milk insurance is to cycle addicts through detox, rehab, and outpatient programs, there’s plenty of incentive to keep them relapsing.

Five recovering addicts told Buzz Feed News that some marketers give their recruits money for drugs so they test positive on urine tests when checking into treatment.“He told me, 'You gotta be dirty to go to detox,'” one addict told Buzz Feed News, describing a marketer who gave him cash for drugs.

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A board detailing a list of apprehended, alleged offenders hangs during a press conference at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement headquarters Thursday about a law enforcement sting entitled Operation Cupid's Arrow, a week-long effort spanning North Florida targeted at child predators.

Hall retired in 2013 from his position as a doctor in Washington following an investigation by the Washington Department of Health.

Any child can become a victim, and perpetrators are hiding in plain sight.”The 12 men were arrested in Operation Cupid’s Arrow.

Each was charged with traveling to meet after using a computer to lure a child and obscene communication use of a computer to seduce/solicit a child.

Their phone numbers circulate in South Florida among the untold addicts looking for “clean time” — or those looking for a flop house that will let them get away with using drugs.

In the midst of a national opiate epidemic, politicians are talking a lot about addiction treatment.

The cases developed out of the sting by the Internet Crimes Against Children task force run by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and other local agencies.

It delivered a clear message, said Mark Perez, FDLE special agent in charge of the Tallahassee Regional Operations Center.“If you prey on our children, we will find you and arrest you,” Perez said during a press conference at FDLE’s Tallahassee headquarters.

The 64-year-old made contact with undercover officers using the online persona “Naughty Boy,” court records said.