We asked members if they had been on a date with a real cheapskate? Read the best responses below: I went on a first date. When the bill came he looked at it and put it back on the table.

The waiter came to the table and the guy said to me "Its £36.00 so you owe me £18.00" I gave him £20.00 which he duly put in his pocket and told me he would put the change towards our next drinks!! I went out on a date with a bloke who suggested going for a walk and then grab some lunch by the river...a romantic thought had it have been if i hadn't have been wearing heels and a killer dress.

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Furthermore, guys are not letting the credit crunch hold them back when it comes to splashing out on a first date".

Asked how much they would spend on a date, Liverpudlians were by far the most generous, budgeting an average of £72.

My date asked the waitress if we could have it cheaper if we didn't have the desert. lol I went on a date with a bloke we went for a walk and then he said lets go for somthing to eat so I said ok.

When it came to paying, I paid on my card and he gave me a 20 pound note and asked me if I had any change which meant me fumbling around in my bag counting up shrapnel to give him his £2 change. He took me to this cafe and he got a glass of water and got a ham sandwich he had the cheek to get a knife and cut it into quarters he stuck one quarter on a plate and gave it to me and he ate the rest I told him where to stick the other quarter and left him sitting there and I never saw him again.

New research by UK online dating site Free uk shows that singles are spending as much as ever on a first date, despite the credit crunch.

Just 12% of single men were expecting to reduce the amount they would spend on a date due to the economic meltdown.

They were followed by guys from Coventry and Birmingham.

Sheffield singletons were the stingiest, with an average budget of £45.

I met a guy who took me to a french restaurant and we had drinks obviously, starter, main course and of course dessert, we were both too full for anything else!!