Plenty of grocery stores including Whole Foods and Target have been available on Instacart for a while, but the addition of Costco is a game changer in particular — it's a way to work around the membership and get access to all your favorite Costco groceries.

OK, you will be missing out on Costco's popular free samples, but you can always use your friend's membership to get your fix every now and then.

That means you're paying a higher price than you would in-store, but you're saving on the cost of the membership.

For example, Costco's famous rotisserie chicken is $5 in stores but is listed as a little over $6 on Instacart.

However, a downside of Instacart is that there's sometimes a markup on certain stores' groceries, including Costco.

POPSUGAR reached out to Instacart to confirm that there is a 15 percent or higher markup on Costco items sold on Instacart.

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