Taking the most convenient option usually means paying the most money—and it's the same story with home surveillance.

If you want an out-of-the-box, off-the-shelf solution, then you're going to have to put your hand in your pocket.

With both devices, you can pay a monthly subscription fee to Canary in order to get more cloud storage space for your surveillance videos.

Like the Canary, the Piper NV camera streams high-quality video to wherever you're checking in from.

For example, the app Manything can do this job, and it's free to use on a single device.

You can check into the live stream from anywhere on the web, and get alerts whenever motion is detected in front of the lens.

You don't have to invest in a multimillion dollar surveillance system to keep an eye on your property and possessions.

In fact, you might be able to do the job with gadgets you already own, paired with free software.

It has motion alerts, a built-in speaker and microphone, and night vision capabilities, plus the company also sells an outdoor version.

If you want additional features—like more advanced alerts based around particular zones and the option to store recordings in the cloud for later review—you'll need to fork out a monthly subscription fee on top of the camera's roughly 5 price tag.

You can also use your computer's webcam as a security camera.