And please don’t get caught up into some long series of warnings with her.

It is not uncommon for some Spells, Hexes & Curses to take a few months so, if you don't see results within a couple of weeks don't panic.

It is normal and panic leads to negative thinking which is a BIG NO NO in Spell casting. We are Voodoo Practitioners, a Bokor is who does Dark Magic.

We will let you an estimate for when work is being done and we will always message you when we have completed your work.

On the rare occasion we haven't gotten back to you please be rest assured the work was done as requested & feel free to shoot us an email asking.

I’ve recently been contacted by a supervisor in our company who has heard that one of his subordinates has been regularly “cursing” both him and his daughter (who also works for our company). I mean she considers herself something of a witch and has been literally putting curses on these people. Roberta is leaving, and I met with her today for an exit interview.

These people don’t generally put much stock in that sort of thing, but they are starting to get scared to work with this woman (especially the daughter). Mandy has, for whatever reasons, decided that she hates Jeff and Whitney.And in this same conversation, you should also make it clear that badmouthing her coworkers to others isn’t acceptable either, and that she’s expected to behave professionally and pleasantly while she’s at work.Basically, this is the “your behavior is far over the bounds of what we will accept here, we take it seriously, and we’re going to have zero tolerance for it going forward” conversation.Many of our clients report major changes, some report slight change while others none at all.We believe in the long run that their is a reason the Spell/hex didn't take as their maybe another plan in the works for you that may not include whatever/whomever the Spell/Hex entailed.)To me, regardless of whether or not she is Wiccan or a witch or practices voodoo or whatever she does, this is a bona fide threat against another employee.