So then why bother reading one if I'm not going to like it and just complain about it? Enjoy your lonely life with your fifteen cats why no I'm not manipulating you like your last boyfriend did AT ALL! And since I received this book for free I figured it would be no big loss. Because after so long of being reminded of the same things over and over again, I started thinking this: And there's really only so many times you can remind me to stop looking so awful and put on some make up because if you look good you'll feel good without me eventually thinking this: This is when they start playing into unrealistic beauty standards to remind you how your job is supposed to sit there and look pretty so that a man can "chase" you. It will make them shit their Batman pull-ups and then he won't feel like a big boy anymore! Like you're playing African safari, you pretty little prey you! No guy is told to just be pretty and wait for a girl to ask them out! If a guy gets that offended about you asking him out, you just dodged a very insecure whiny bullet. Oh, and about thinking calling your readers kitten/hot stuff/Ladybug is funny or whatever? Us women folk will get it the first time you say it. *I received this book for free on netgalley*Why does someone who has been married for 7 years want to read a dating advice book?

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And why give my obviously biased opinion on the internet? I'm not as angry as I thought I would be right now. Because apparently all their readers do this on the first date: Look, women are not human decorations/antelope hybrids of insanity. I find their condescending repetition and adherence to gender stereotypes that do not apply to everyone insulting. I went into this with an open mind, just wanting to see what these authors had to say about the sucky sucky world of dating. They gave pretty good dating advice in a really funny way.

Before I start with the things I didn't like, let's start with the positive things I was able to find in this book. I think the best thing that I took from it was that you should not g Why does someone who has been married for 7 years want to read a dating advice book?

He has 8 Principles for dating and Principle #7, “Don’t show the movie before the trailer”, is one that is often ignored, resulting in very short term relationships.

A humourous look at the pleasures and pitfalls of dating, Behrendt provides his insights from the male point of view, and this is nicely balanced by input from wife and co-author, Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt. Straight to the point, no sugar coating it tools not tricks or head games.

Everything this book tells you rings true, we have all lost the art of actual dating - along with the art of actual communication (my opinion).

The book is funny, entertaining, informative and just plain outstanding!Once again as in "He's Just Not That Into You," very straightforward, humorous, and realistic advice that is basically the common sense that [some:] women have trouble telling ourselves. Best-selling author of “He’s just not that into you”, Greg Behrendt gives you all the answers to those tricky dating questions.Firstly the author helps you to identify what makes a date, a date.Why should I step out of my comfort zone and read something I know I probably won't like? Maybe I'm wrong about these "Date like Full disclosure: I don't like dating self help books. "At the end, the underlying message seemed to be "You do all THIS work because you do this and this wrong because it's a woman's nature. I just made that up." while men don't have to do all that much because "It's men's nature to do it.And why give my obviously biased opinion on the internet? On the whole I think they're based on bullshit as their main job security seems to be gender stereotypes, and the insecurities of others. If it fails then you're the loser for not being like me. There's only so many times you can repeat those things before I start to wonder if you think your more loyal fans are complete idiots. Sorry, kitten/hot stuff/Ladybug." and that self-help dating rule makes me tired.However, after a while this book got really repetitive.