Take you ass to colleges/universities and later go to alumni events.For the younger ones, study your ass off for the SAT/ACT, get some scholarships and take your butt to college! They're on big campuses, little campuses, even HBCUs--stop laughing there are Asians that attend HBCUs.I hear both black women and Asian men complaining about the lack of approach coming from either side.

And also keep in mind that you don't have to just attend Asian events to meet guys. So you've gone to all the professional happy hours and all the summer festivals and not an Asian guy in site. I wrote about that a while ago so I'm being lazy here.

There are Asian guys that do go all kinds of events from book fairs to carribbean festivals. Well hey, sometimes you can meet people in the most random places doing the most random things. You're a shitty artists but it doesn't matter, take an art class anyway. Just read this: The Wacky World of Blasian Love and Online Dating Sites Move.

Personally, I think it depends on who notices who first.

Sometimes people are genuinely oblivious and may not notice you checking them out right off the bat.

Please feel free to call me out on anything that doesn't sound write and any advice you have of your own (and helpful advice...stuff like "Asian guys don't date black women" will not fly on this blog, sorry). When I wrote my 9 Responses to Complaints from Black Women Over Asian Men post ast year, I was vague when I stated that you can find Asian men all over the place While I do think that there are Asian men all over the place, I won't say that they are always easy to find.

So here I'll give some more specific suggestion on finding Asian men. Professional happy hours are a great way to meet people.It's fucking expensive to move, you have to find new friends, get used to new locations, make sure you have a job, etc.But if you truly feel like your life where you're living now is going nowhere, then it's always an option. Feeling much better now so I'm getting black to blogging. I was sick earlier this week, then was dealing with some stress with work.I can fully understand any questioning my authority to write on such a topic--then again it seems you don't need to be an expert on anything to be declared a relationship expert nowadays (looking at you Patty Stanger and Steve Harvey). Interracial dating is a big deal for a lot of people. But it seems extra scary for some of those when we decide to step out out own racial pool and into another one. But I figured what the hey and decided to humor a few folks with just giving some advice.