So I decided to teach my daughter that being a princess was more than what you wear or how you look.

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Constance Marie is someone whose personal life is widely discussed every day.

There are many fans who are crazy about this American actress. Now all her handsome male admireres can take some time to shed their tears as we enlighten her other fans with information on her private love life with her fiancé.

The American actress, who is most famous for her role as Angie Lopez on the series George Lopez, has never said a word about her past affairs, nor has she spoken much about her present love life with Kent Katich.

Marie, who is one of the most celebrated Latina in Hollywood and widely known for her powerful and funny acting, seems to be enjoying her blissful life.

(See infertility blog if you have zero idea about what I’m speaking) Anyhoo! Or give me “drop hugs” where she races at me and knocks me down to the floor (ow! So when Luna Marie was young, I thought , I am not having any of that! I much wanted my daughter to be a scrapper and not so dainty. All her friends, all the kids from school, everywhere! I even succeeded in distracting her with a Wonder Woman outfit- Ka-pow! Thankfully this therapist from the mommy group showed us an exercise and said “We need to teach our children that their hunger needs to be more important to them than to their mothers. And she also added, “Whatever you do, be CONSISTENT! I also learned that children eat how WE parents eat. Gone are the easy, breezy, awesome days of “Do as I say, not as I do! Of course I hammed it up a bit like it was the greatest broccoli I had ever eaten in my entire life (if anyone saw me, they would have called the acting police! She started to crane her neck to look into the bowl of broccoli like, I can only guess her thinking, “What is in that bowl that is so yummy and making my mommy so happy? ” And then the one I was waiting for, “I want some of that!! I also learned that as a mom,, it is almost impossible not to do that.

I figure it is the quality of the years and not the quantity. ) or insist that I stop mid stride, while carrying massive amounts of groceries, to see the first star in the night sky and take the time to be fascinated by it!!! I mean the fact that I used to carry my daughter in a carrier and now she walks by my side seems simultaneously like yesterday and million years ago! So all this to say: Whenever you are a new parent, or thinking about becoming one, or like me at one time, TRYING desperately to become one,,, let me be ANOTHER parent two tells you “it goes really fast and please take the time to stop and appreciate these little beings who won’t be little forever.” Till next time… Everyone had dress-up shoes, tiaras, wands, plastic shoes, stickers and books. It was like a princess avalanche that I could not stop no matter how much I tried to avoid it. ” I realized a lot of children don’t like their vegetables. I also wanted to raise my child vegetarian, there was no way I was going to raise a vegetarian who hated vegetables. Sad to say, if you want your child to eat healthy, we parents have to eat healthy! ” So, when Luna Marie was about seven months old, I used the exercise the therapist taught us. Full disclosure, I was completely terrified and a nervous wreck before I tried this but I did it anyway. I put it in one large bowl in the center of the table. I grabbed two plates and set them down in the center of the table. I took one plate from the stack, put it in front of myself, left my daughter’s place empty, and started to serve myself some broccoli. ” Then there was a lot of baby pointing and whining to which I responded innocently, “Oh! I know to some parents this approach to food may sound hard-core but I also know it worked for me….

known professionally as Constance Marie, is an American actress.

She is known for her role as Angie Lopez on George Lopez (2002–2007) and her role as Marcela Quintanilla (mother of Selena) in the 1997 film Selena.

The couple also has a daughter named Luna Marie whom Marie gave birth to in 2009.

The actress aged 44 lives together with her family in California.

The ‘Selena’ fame is enjoying being a mother to her six year old daughter, whom she conceived after a long struggle.