Address: 55 Clark Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Whether you're looking for a single, double or triple, your comfort matters. George Towers comes with a private bathroom, regular twin-size bed, desk with chair and dresser that maximizes space, so you're ready to go on day one. Select the tower, term and room that's best for you, and find a full list of amenities below. This room is furnished with a regular twin-size bed, two under-bed dresser units and a desk with chair.

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A triple (three person) occupancy living space that’s larger than a standard triple.

The room features a private bathroom, flat-screen television with premium channels, apartment-size refrigerator and microwave. Each resident receives a lofted bed – loft-style beds are raised, with the desk and dresser underneath the bed for efficient use of space –and desk with chair.

He's made a home for his family in their stunning £20 million property in Sonning-On-Thames, Berkshire.

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Each resident receives a regular twin-size bed, two under-bed dresser units and a desk with chair.