Like most cities, Berlin has no shortage of opportunities for casual hook-ups.There appears, though, to be something about people living in the capital that makes them unwilling to be tied down.

I suppose it is good for family life, that and the vacation days per year, so I can’t really complain. The thing is, I like Germany a lot, but I am in love with cities like Brussels and Amsterdam, due to how international they are.

It’s just that in comparison to other European cities that I frequent, the German cities pale slightly in comparison.

I live just outside of Düsseldorf; well that is usually what I tell non-Germans.

I actually live in Wuppertal, a relatively big town of 360,000, less than 20 minutes away from Düsseldorf.

What are the best and worst parts about working in Germany? My friends in the Caribbean and North America get pretty upset when I flaunt holidays that they have never heard about in their faces on Facebook.

The worst part would be the opening hours for everything.It didn't seem logical enough, but after the first month of meeting new classmates at the Volkshochschule [adult evening classes] I realized I was not in the minority but the majority.Every year thousands and thousands of people make a leap of faith to forgo everything that is normal to them for love.In my class, there were people from Latvia, Brazil, America, England, Mexico, Dominica, and Kenya – that was in a class of 15 - all to be with German partners.We realized that there must be other couples like us internationally and Jens and I decided to start a Facebook page aptly entitled “Love Crosses Borders”.The German term “peinlich” comes to mind, when I was asked, why you moved from either Montego Bay or Manhattan to be here.