This doc said IVF with an egg donor would be my only option.Saw another specialist who was more hopeful, but still was told the odds of using my own eggs were against me because of my age. But it's scary too because on my first trip to the OBGYN all he did was tell me all the risks and the terrible things that can happen, with nothing positive to balance that info out.

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As far as the breast thing, mine hurt every so often, sometimes it's like they are full to the gill and then they don't have a pain one. I see the fertility specialist for our 6 week sonogram to check the embryo's "viability". I don't know what else they will do on that appt (on 9/26), maybe he'll check my progesterone levels. In any case, I'm on a mission now to find someone else. :o) Wendy, I'm almost 8 weeks pg and am 44 although this isn't my 1st pregnancy. and welcome to the oldies...Kelly Wendy, Congratulations! My dh has no children of his own, so I went vthrough a tubal reversal this past june so we could have one baby together. You might be able to see your at your next U/S too. I am too and would love to get the name of your OBGYN, if you are happy with them. hi, it is refreshing to have someone in my age group to talk to.

I think it's just the ups and downs of hormones. I have heard the higher the progesterone the more full the b00bies are. He will continue to see me through the 10-12th week, and then I'll have to go to an OBGYN from there on out. Maybe a woman will be more compassionate and positive. This is so great, having a place to go to, to receive and give support. I'm very happy to hear that you are going through some of the same things as me. Anyway, my symptoms like nausea and fatigue really didn't kick in until last week. You should probably test, I'm not sure what the chances are. I was afraid of a tubal pregnancy at first , thankfully a U/S confirmed the baby is in utero and last week we got to see our lil peanut heartbeat! I would as well find another dr (obgyn) what a a##, what nerve they have. I will be 42 in January and is 6 weeks pregnant, awaiting the results of my hcg tests. I am hoping that this will change for the better when I go back to the dr.

Periods can be fairly easy, passing some tissue at a time, or off can come the whole lining in one piece called a decidual cast. Women are on average bleeding about 40 ml per period: 1.36 liquid oz for us Americans...hum, that doesn't sound like much, what the heck, but up to double that is normal.

Generally the lining of the uterus is only 6-8 mm thick at the time of the menstrual period, and it is shed gradually, a few cells at a time. And yes, blood is mostly water, our circulating blood is about 90% water, our menstrual blood, it's probably more dehydrated than that, and depending on the pace of our bleeding it could be much more dehydrated than that, and it is mixed with the tissue you see above although mostly passed in fragments.

Someone else described it as a "stitch", like you used to get in gym class. It's not super painful or anything, but it's new, so I am curious about it. So of course I'm worried because I want as many standard symptoms as I can get so I can feel like this pregnancy is going to be successful! I have a 17 yr old DD and a 10 yr old DS and I am currently pregnant, just found out last week, although the doctor isn't sure how far I am.

I would have thought that my breasts would become MORE sore as time goes on, and not less sore. But I too have night sweats and that can be annoying!!

In a case like this there is no positive pregnancy test. Well, this patient tends to do this commonly (often, unfortunately, she doesn't like seeing this), passes the whole uterine at once during her periods, although for most, if it ever happens to you it won't happen again. And if we have a fair amount, we do need to pass that tissue.

So in some cases we need that period to pass that tissue.

I did have the sore boobs although it kind of came and went. Yeah you may wanna swithc DR's you really want someone in your corner being positive. The pain is normal as long as there is no bleeding. happy and healthy pregnancy The risks he warned me about were the down syndrome stats, chromosomal abnormalitites, and various pregnancy complications he said that come with my 'advanced age'. and welcome to the oldies...Kelly Kelly, Thanks for your post! I am almost 36 years old and my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I was overjoyed when I found out I was pregnant again in September.

I'm glad that you're switching to another dr who will be more upbeat about pregnancy in the 40s. Yeah you may wanna swithc DR's you really want someone in your corner being positive. The pain is normal as long as there is no bleeding. I think those are "standard" complications, but they increase with age. We were married (the lst for both of us) a few years ago (age 33). We waited four months to try again based on my ob's advice to wait three cycles. I keep hearing comments from non-medical folks and doctors alike....

So lets start with basics: How much do we bleed and what are we loosing, and just what was this that the patient passed?