Is she the more emotional one in the relationship then? Sneha: I don’t think I am more emotional, so to say, I think we have different ways of dealing with things. Saurav: I would much rather do that talk and finish it off. But she would be like, if it needs a heated argument, then lets go for it.... She doesn’t understand that no two people are alike. they’ve always had this tendency of saying: ‘Why are your wearing heels? And that said a lot about the kind of person he is. Saurav was the first guy who encouraged me to wear heels.

The moment she is quiet, I know something is wrong. Sneha: Listen, I am not that bad a girlfriend also. But that doesn’t mean aami or gola tipe dhore rekhechhi. I will probably murder the chick first and then go murder him.

Saurav: When she is angry, she doesn’t say anything. When she is super angry, she expects the other person to literally read her mind. So confident as a guy, that absolutely turned me on. This guy is two inches shorter than me and he is asking me to wear heels and look like a talgacchh next to him’.

We watched Birdman and The Theory of Everything recently.

But now that he is my boyfriend, I know about squash.

He has his own department like the booze and the food.

Saurav: Ninety five percent of the times, madam gets a six first! And that was when she was in Asia’s Next Top Model and I had no idea when she was coming back and I couldn’t even speak to her. We would like to watch American Sniper and The Imitation Game. Saurav: We want to watch Roy very badly, but I am not there.... in the last two years, I have watched just one movie without her. You could see in her head that she was thinking, ‘When can I get out of here? he was like just another guy and I was like just another girl having a great time. Sneha: I was wearing a white skirt, my favourite pair of pearl earrings and a tank top! Sneha: He was wearing fitted jeans with nice shoes and a shirt. His consistency grew on me and I realised that he is a better companion, more than the love and the liking. In the first two-three months, one tries to put up one’s best front. It is not because you don’t care about the other person. There are going to be times when you would literally bang your head... When I had seen her the day before, her hair was open. ’ Saurav: We met for dinner a couple of days after the party.