I hear it in the concerned tones of mentors and parents and friends who repeat phrases like “You’ve got such a pretty face,” and “I know you want to be married someday. ” Every ounce of my being cringes, because they’re probably right. I am talented and opinionated and passionate and valuable.

But then there are those who want your teeth to sparkle, at least a wee bit."I'm picky about teeth.

I can't get it up for teeth that are too small or jack-o-lantern-like with spaces in between.

” See, now we can debate the merits of Tresemmé vs.

Herbal Essences, and bond over getting our braces done in fifth grade by Dr. Btw I was just kidding about that last one, making sure you’re paying attention. Some (hi) will want to bash you over the head because you basically just equated her to a small child. .”…Basically anything involving a pun qualifies as “stupid” and should be left to my dad when he's drunk and trying to entertain people.

We resist the narrative of physical attraction dictating love, especially inside the walls of the church where we hope to find much more stringent, substantive dating criteria than waist size, but maybe Elna’s onto something.

It feels like things should be different in the church.Markers of spiritual maturity, like depth of character or a willingness to serve, should trump my above average BMI, but very rarely is that the case.I see it in the faces of guys I’m meeting for the first time after being matched on e Harmony, even though we’ve exchanged weeks of witty banter and embarrassing confessions.Your kidlike behaviours will range from snivelling as they shove yet another piece of metal between your molars to asking, "Are they coming off yet? You'd kinda assumed all this "brace pain" chat was just 13-year-olds being overly sensitive, but it's true: Having your teeth moved around in your jawbone and sharp bits of metal stabbing into your cheeks does actually hurt like hell.None of these things would be diminished because of my size, and yet none of them seem to matter because of my size.