We’re an island nation surrounded by tonnes of the freshest, most delicious fish available, and yet, we don’t consume nearly as much fish as we should for health and dietary benefits.

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Fear not though as Super Valu has taken on the challenge of educating the nation to combat ‘fish fear’ with hints and tips on preparing and cooking fish dishes, inspiring them to put fish on the menu twice a week.

Despite much fish fear amongst the nation, statistics have shown that fish is gaining popularity with Irish consumers and to date fish sales have grown by 10% with the most popular choice being Hake, Cod and Mussels.

Area, age, ethnicity, height, body type, religion, profession, about you, what you’re looking for, etc., Then its time to go fishing for a match.

I have to say one website I found was directed towards men from the country, while another towards Dublin men and the greater Dublin area.

Scrolling through the countless male profiles, all claiming to be ‘mad into fitness’, although this was questionable as they posed proudly with a pint of Arthur in one hand and a cigarette in the other, that beer belly fooling no one.

Then it happened, I recognised a few faces, and one in particular, we shall call him Darragh, a 21-year-old student.

Thinking about it, in the movies or even media industry, couples always meet by chance, the woman drops her books on the ground and to the rescue, prince charming is there to save her then the rest is history.

The Internet these days is used for everything; television programs such as Gossip Girl show the impact it has in our 21 century lives. Well, I decided to check out this online dating malarkey myself.

A few guys caught my eye and I decided to initiate conversation.

All the basic questions were asked, although you could distinguish quite easily who had studied your profile and who hadn’t.

Many guys straight up wrote they were seeking a one-night stand, no strings attached.