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It was a current or trend in anthropological theory that began in the mid-sixties and ended in the mid-oughts.

Like all schools of thought it has its redoubts and strongholds in certain departments, but it seems to me that on the whole high table anthropological theory has pretty much given up on it.

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Of course, there are still baby boomer anthropologists who make ritual obeisances in the direction of Marx, and some even believe that their own globalized, frictioned, assemblaged work can somehow be connected meaningfully back to Marx with enough ingenuity and historical reconstruction.

But it seems to me that increasingly recent influential ethnographies — particularly those which focus on moneybags himself — seem unaware or uniterested in the paradigm.

But the off-price space is becoming increasingly crowded as legacy retailers try to tap into the model’s success.

Few can compete with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, which have been dominating the off-price game for years, retail watchers say.“In this environment, with how competitive things are, it’s going to be an uphill battle to educate the consumer into the new format,” said Ken Perkins, president of Boston-based research firm Retail Metrics.

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