A few weeks ago he reluctantly jumped on the Trump campaign train, before it left the station without him.

Granholm: This year will show that this has completely poisoned our political system.

It's all about the unlimited selling of candidates. TV Guide Magazine: If you were asked, how would you advise President Obama to do to get his message across in this tough economy. When I ran for re-election, the wrong-track numbers were exactly the same as the country's wrong-track numbers are now. I ran against an heir to the Amway fortune who said he could turn the state around because of his business experience, which would parallel the current situation.

Granholm has continued on that path as a career public servant who served as Michigan’s governor during one of the largest economic crises in the state’s history.

FROM HOLLYWOOD TO HARVARDBefore becoming the first female governor of Michigan, Granholm was the first female tour guide at a marine and wildlife park, which supplemented her income as she pursued an acting career.

And because we're in San Francisco we'll tap into some of the influential people from Silicon Valley.

[] TV Guide Magazine: Now that you're a TV journalist, what's your opinion of the Citizen's United Supreme Court ruling that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts of money on political ads?Last Friday, using Trump's locker room banter as an excuse, Ryan pulled the emergency cord and took off like a scalded dog. He's a political chameleon [a person given to often expedient or facile change in ideas or character].At no time during the sequence of events did Ryan really support Trump. When things got bumpy, he showed his true colors: gutless and girlie. "I was against Trump before it was expedient to be for him, but now I'm against him again." Paul Ryan, a man devoid of a single core conviction a sniveling guttersnipe.Both sides are feeling that there's something wrong about this. But Amway, under his leadership had shut down a plant in Michigan and opened one up in China.The Tea Party is just as mad about the influence of money politics as the Occupy movement. And so when we talk about somebody who aids and abets the very problems that the leadership is trying to solve, those are fightin' words.Granholm: For the purpose of running for President? [You know a serial killer was one of the bachelors on that. I know that Arnold Schwarzenegger did but not a serial killer.