‘If you’re looking at someone’s profile before seeing them, it’s kind of the same.‘I used to research dates, then I said I’m not going to do that any more.

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This is a relief to fans since there has been a lot of contradictory information about when Harry Styles and One Direction will reunite, as previously reported by the .

Of course, Harry Styles has been leaning back and relaxing in Los Angeles, but it does not mean he is on vacation.

Although it is unlikely that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner will be dating while he is in Hollywood, what is likely is that he will hang out with local resident Mick Jagger.

Next, the British singer was rumored to be dating model Cara Delevigne, 20, and singer Lily Halpern, 20.

recently reported that Harry Styles was in Los Angeles on August 26, and he was hanging out with friend Meredith Winston.

However, it should be noted that he was also grabbing a bite with supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Instead, it appears that Harry Styles and Cindy Crawford are old friends that like to grab a bite to eat together when they are in the same city.

reported is that Harry Styles is still in a band with One Direction.

And he was remarkably open about dating, revealing he thinks his exes would collectively like to ‘gunge’ him, and admitting he used to snoop out potential lady friends online before meeting them.