On the 25th of November 1955 the original partnership was broken up and the two brothers founded the JEMA KERAMISCH ATELIER N. (jema ceramic studio), the first JE standing for Jelis and MA standing for Mager.

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The numbers are only partially chronological (mainly low numbers) and also some numbers appear to have been used more than once in different series they made like for example fish or horses.

The items with a black stamp (mostly earlier work or figurines) are fully in printed letters.

I will reserve a section in the galleries of the pottery Jema made for other factories.

The best clue is the back stamp which is usually engraved under the glaze.

Some earlier work has a stamp ' Jema Holland' and some type of work has no back stamp at all such as most of the ' Hummel' like figurines.

Then also it is known that Jema produced work for other companies but I have no information what the names of these companies are but I do know that some work produced for others was back stamped with the name of the ordering company.

I have seen up to 3 digit numbers into the nine hundreds and taking into consideration the also many not numbered pieces I estimate that the collection consists of over a thousand different pieces.

Apart from that many figurines exist in from slightly different to complete different colour schemes.

The starting capital was said to be Fl.1.200.000 (Guilders), quite a sum for those days.