Guys, there are many ways to express the same thing!

How would you feel if she told you, Not very nice, right?

The most offensive part is that a person you were having feelings for thinks you can be potentially a scam artist. They aren’t very confident and secure, and, probably, have a lot of baggage.

I'm 35 years old, and I know how to use every single one of them.

NOT into girls younger than 18, get your pedophilia bullshit out of here. Love rough sex, love more than 1 partner and I always swallow. A GIF on my wall of what you would want to do to me with a little explanation as to why y... Nothing is as attractive to me as someone who can keep their brain turned on when their pants fall off.

Was she lying to all of us, making herself look better for the movies?

Making women anxious about meeting you on camera adds to the normal anxiousness of any first date.It’s pointless to accuse girls in being potential scammers, or even suggest that she may not be 100% sincere.Scammers will assure you they are genuine, but honest women will be offended, and most likely refuse to talk to you again.These 10 women may tell their friends not to use the site as well, so the problem snowballs.And, anyway, suspicious people have very little chance to establish a genuine relationship, because trust is the very foundation on which rapport is built.Surely you would not be telling her she needs to show her face, or you’d think she is a scam artist? Before asking people to do something, think what’s the best way to go about it.