theres also quite a lot a fit skaters who wander about the town PHWOAR!!

Hot vidios in pah rooms-75

The 'Kappa Slappers' and 'Da Rude Boys' loiter outside HMV in the Grosvenor Centre.

For Grebs, Goths and those who pretend to be Grebs and Goths, it's Spinadisc on the far end of Abington Street.

Best place on earth if you are alternative, gothic is Black Rose and Spinadisc, most make it outside Spinadisc.

Trendies *spits* can go to HMV and look nervously at the Slipknot shirts at the back.

into decent punk/experimental/ progressive & cool music & cinema. Chavs just love shopping centres- It's like moths around a lightbulb... Plus it's dry so they can hang around with their pushchairs.. Who ever wrote this is doing it purely to cus down kids. ''Greebos'' as they put it and other alternative people have been hanging up abby street since at least 1998. When we first went up there, there was no hassles we tidied up after ourselves and never caused problems.

Its only been recently that theres been problems for us say in the last 2 years.hook up spots for alternatives used to be outside spinadisc but now, since everyone wears slipknowt hoodies, you can pick them up anywhere. and bribed parental type people can drop you off for anyone else, hang around on abington street and search for your friends desperately trying to avoid mad christians outside New Look trying to convince you you'll burn in hell. THE graveyard good place for seeing people you've met onece in a drunken state in the cookie racehorse soundhaus etc.Perhaps all those who like to hang out (and have no-where decent to go) could hang out at the entrance of the council buildings at St.Giles Square (or in that little courtyard area just inside the entrance) until the council find them somewhere of there own St Giles' Churchyard became a meeting point for grungers, greasers, goths, greebos and your basic ten-year-olds in Limp Bizkit hoodies sometime during 2001.The "old skool" people sit in the graveyard if it's sunny or we go shoppin - we have better things to do than stand around in the rain.