Until you can call Adobe Support and get them to fix the issue you won’t be able to get into your software – one more reason why I suggest you keep an earlier version of Photoshop on your computer just in case.

Now I haven’t had problems with Photoshop CC but I have had issues with a subscription license for Adobe Captive – on two separate occasions both within the last 12 months and both without warning.

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And for Photoshop CS6, I wrote a post on my blog about how to add it to Photoshop CS6.

While many readers are finding it still works, sadly while I can tell you how to do it the actual solution no longer works for me.

So now it’s over to you – if you’ve installed Photoshop CC do you still have an older version of Photoshop installed?

If so, what is your reason for not removing the earlier version?

Well I, for one, won’t be removing Photoshop CS5 anytime soon and I suggest you think twice about removing your older version too.

Here are my reasons: Adobe axed Picture Package quite a long time ago but it could be easily made to work with Photoshop CS5.

And a post on Tom Beddard’s awesome Droste Filter here.

And I have a You Tube video that shows you how to use the Droste Effect filter here: If you’re reliant on Photoshop for your day to day work – if you’re a Photoshop teacher, for example, then problems with the new licensing model might cause you unexpected grief.

There are a couple of proposed solutions that seem to help. Select the application, get info and select open in 32 bit mode.

(CS5) The good part is, your third party filters will run in this mode as well.

While I wholeheartedly encourage you to enjoy the new features of Photoshop CC I do recommend that you keep an earlier version of Photoshop on your computer.