Grid, Player, IM, Games, Doodle, Groups, Smilies and Translate are applications found on tabs on the left of chat group pages.

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She may not like the taste of her water either, so if you have a plastic bowl, you may want to switch it to a metal, ceramic, or glass bowl.

You should also replace your cat’s water daily in an effort to keep the water from tasting stale.

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When living in the wild, they obtain water from the moisture content in their food.

This includes prey like insects, birds, and rodents, which also contain a high water content.

This guide is for xat visitors and shows you all the basic functions of the chat box. There are bonus features with powers you could receive. This guide will show you how to use the xat trade engine for easier and safer trading.

If you have xats you can use them to buy kisses, marriages, promotion, and previously registered groups. If you have days you have access to special features such as glitter effects for your avatars. You can use your xats / days to buy special powers and abilities for the xat chat.

This could make her uncomfortable and cause her to stop eating, drinking, and using her litter box.

She may not even like having her food and water bowls near each other.

Just like humans, about two-thirds of a cat’s body is made up of water.