Would love to have pics of yours, with pertinet info for each, as I like to see what they all looked like! Would love to hear from you and thanking you in advance for anything that you might share, Sherry (Dillard) Patterson Stilwell, OK USA - Wednesday, June 5, 2013 There was anther Carlisle family that came via Virginia and settled finally in Marlborough County, North Carolina, founding the town of Carlisle.

The Carlisle Family History by Cecil Allen Carlisle contains much of our history.

His father was Robert W Carlisle of Texas Mo where he was a farmer and appointed post master general of the Carlisle Post office (he was born 1795 in North Carolina) and married a Mary ? They lived in Kentucky around 1830's , cause on the census two of their daughters are listed as being born there, a Mary and Martha. Do you have any ideas if your family as a connection? Thanks Mary Carlisle Mc Cabe Temecula, CA USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2012 Edward stokelt petoskey, MI United States- August 31, 2013 Hi, In my research,it appears that James Carlile and Elizabeth Trebble Campbell are my 4th Great Grandparents (Maternal Line).

I am myself a direct descendant of James and Francis Carlisle. My grandmother was the only child of Robert Alexander Carlisle (wife Venorah) who was born in Texas. I believe is mother also migrated to Texas with him. Peters Georgetown, texas USa - Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Thank you so much for having done this amazing research! I am 51 years old, and never knew anything about my name's history, and until last night, did not care. My mother Eleanor Palmer is the daughter of Annie Mae and Golden A. That's what I have been able to put together from my research and DNA testing.

My grandmother, Robbie Vee Carlisle was the youngest child of Robert Alexander Carlisle. If this is not correct for the Carlile's please let me know.

Joseph belongs we think, to Joseph and Mary Williams Dillard. If you have anything about these two in any of your research, could you please send me what you have at the above email.

Will share what ever I have on ours, like pics and etc. Of course, they all are kin in some manner or form.

, born 1787, who was also supposedly born in Wake, NC.

Now I think we are finding out that she may have already been a Dillard from one of the other branches, Thomas and Ruth Goad Dillard.

However, the remainder of his family kept that spelling.

I do know that after arriving in South Carolina, my ancestors moved through Georgia, and on through the south until settling in Texas.

I have a photo of 3rd grade class i 1933, If I am correct Bob Sarretts as a boy scout and a younger brorher... - Sunday, October 13, 2013 Mary Carlisle Mc Cabe posted the info below.